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Merger of Invesdor and Finnest Finalised: New Fintech Star Is Born

Invesdor Insights | 27.06.2019

The merger and related capital increases are registered in the commercial registries of both Finland and Austria. Hence, the merger of Finnish Invesdor Ltd and Austrian Finnest GmbH has been completed. The two companies now form Invesdor Group, a pan-European digital investment and financing platform for companies of all life stages, from startups to large corporations.  

The merger was first announced in late March. Before the merger, both Invesdor and Finnest had already gained a unique foothold in their respective markets.  

“We are very excited and proud to create something completely new in the finance industry. During the past few weeks we have worked hard to establish a strong vision. We are now on the right track to make investing and financing operations easy for all”, says CEO Lasse Mäkelä.  

Currently Invesdor group still operates with both brands but the current plan is to offer services under one brand all over Europe in the long run. The service portfolio spans  from equity investments, bonds, IPO’s, syndicated loans, mezzanine capital and promissory notes to other debt capital instruments.     

“I’m looking forward to expanding our reach. Together we can serve millions of European investors and organizations seeking funding – not to mention other financial institutions that will benefit from our top tier PaaS and SaaS offering”, says COO Günther Lindenlaub.


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