Tennis star Dominic Thiem backs NEOH

Company News | Neoh | 11.03.2021

The Austrian tennis ace becomes a brand spokesperson and also participates in the chocolate bar innovation as a shareholder.

As the exclusive candy bar supplier, NEOH will in future provide Dominic Thiem not only with standard products but also with bars with which he can strengthen himself in competition. Also off the court, Thiem will act as a spokesperson for the NEOH brand.


- NEOH becomes exclusive candy bar supplier of the Grand Slam winner
- Thiem receives company shares and acts as brand spokesperson
- Thiem: "Unique recipe makes NEOH the perfect addition to the nutrition plan and enables snacking with no need for feeling guilty"

A multi-layered partnership

Cooperation on different levels is special for the 27-year-old Grand Slam winner.

"To be successful as a competitive athlete, a balanced diet is essential.
essential. NEOH is the perfect supplement for my nutrition and training plan - so I can
finally snack without a guilty conscience", explains Thiem.

For the tennis star, a stake in the company is also an investment to the future. "I believe in the idea behind NEOH and am convinced that the company has a great future."

Brand ambassador on and off the court

As his exclusive candy bar supplier, NEOH will provide Thiem with standard products as well as snack bars with which he can strengthen himself in competition. Off the court, he will act as the brand's ambassador.

"With Dominic Thiem, we have won one of Austria's most successful athletes as a
testimonial and partner. He is a great role model for many people and, as a top athlete,
knows exactly what is important when it comes to nutrition. The fact that he now
includes NEOH in his nutrition plan is of course a great confirmation", says pleased Manuel Zeller, Founder and Managing Director of NEOH.

NEOH tells that thanks to a sophisticated composition, their bars contain around 95% less sugar than conventional chocolate bars. The company says they are the only product of their kind with hardly any effect on blood sugar level.

NEOH drives further expansion

NEOH tells the company's focus is now on increasing market penetration in Austria, Germany, and the United States.

"In order to drive our expansion more further, we will soon launch a financing round, which is open to all interested investors", says Zeller.



Press Release (German), Dominic Thiem setzt auf NEOH: Tennis-Ass wird Testimonial und beteiligt sich an Schokoriegel-Innovation, Vienna, March 11, 2021

Image, Ella Ling, Photography


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