Oceanvolt and Elan Yachts partner up, sign OEM agreement

Company News | Oceanvolt | 04.03.2021

The companies announced the partnership in their February 23 press release.

Oceanvolt has become the exclusive electric power provider for Elan Yachts and the companies have signed an OEM agreement (original equipment manufacturer).In their press release, Oceanvolt and Elan Yachts say their aim is to offer a "full range of yachts for all types of sailing". In addition to the electric propulsion systems, the companies are looking to provide a hybrid option with a 48V DC generator. 

Boatindustry.com interviewed Oceanvolt's Commercial Director Christian Hallberg in more detail on the new partnership.

"This is one of the first monohull builders with whom we are signing an agreement for the entire range. We had already announced a partnership with Itacatamaran's multihulls, whose range is smaller. This is the beginning of the process with Elan, but the aim is for the diesel engine to become the option and the electric motor to become the basic version as standard," told Hallberg to the industry website.

Hallberg also said he thinks the mindset among boaters is changing when it comes to electric propulsion, and that this new offer is important for sailors who still view e-motors with some apprehension.

Oceanvolt and Elan Yachts are both in Finnish ownership, although Elan is based in Slovenia. Oceanvolt has hosted two funding rounds on Invesdor.com, raising a little over €2.25M with their most recent share issue in 2020.


For further information, you can view the full press release from Oceanvolt here.

For the Boatindustry.com interview with Commercial Director Christian Hallberg, click here to read more.



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