February 2021: A look at the latest Oceanvolt news

Company News | Oceanvolt | 17.02.2021

E-motor makers Oceanvolt raised €2.25M on our platform in 2020. We take a brief look at how the company's 2021 has started and their latest news.

Here are some of the recent news in the world of Oceanvolt from late 2020 and early 2021.

Oceanvolt takes learnings from the aborted zero-emission attempt by Cornell

Late 2020, sailing legend Jimmy Cornell set out to sail around the world with a zero-emission boat, featuring also Oceanvolt propulsion systems. Due to difficulties during an early leg of the journey, Cornell made the decision to end the attempt. 

Oceanvolt expressed their disappointment over this outcome in a recent blog post, listing both positive findings and learnings on points for improvement. While Cornell and his crew managed to sail over 3,000 miles with just 3 marina stops, Oceanvolt noted there’s still a need for more optimisation of the hydrogeneration mode in heavy seas as well as making improvements on readability of motor and on-board equipment consumption. 

Full blog post from Oceanvolt is available here. 

Brand ambassador program launched, boat with Oceanvolt propulsion nominated for award

Oceanvolt also announced they are starting a brand ambassador program. Ambassadors have the chance to gain product prizes and even money in exchange for referring their network to purchase Oceanvolt systems. Further information is available on the company’s website here.

In their recent newsletter, Oceanvolt also revealed the Spirit 44CR(e) boat model from Spirit Yachts is nominated in the Classic Boat Awards 2021. The model features an Oceanvolt propulsion system: Spirit Yachts is one of the several boat builders that offer their motors. The model is nominated in the Spirit of Tradition Sailing Vessel category: enthusiasts can vote for their favorites here.



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