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The merger of Invesdor and Finnest creates a comprehensive new digital investing service

Company News | Invesdor Insights | 30.09.2019

Together with Finnest, Invesdor is opening Nordic investors the door to companies from the German-speaking region. This further supports Invesdor’s role as the leader among digital investment platforms in Northern Europe.

Thanks to the union of Invesdor and Vienna-based Finnest, new types of investment opportunities will become available for Invesdor’s users. Finnest is the leading crowdinvesting platform for established companies in the DACH region (Austria, Germany and Switzerland) as well as Slovakia and Croatia. Now Invesdor will bring investment opportunities from these countries also to Invesdor’s platform and make them available to Finnish and Nordic investors. This will start in November with a bond offering on Invesdor, issued by a reputable and established Austrian-based company.

“We have organized funding rounds together with startups and growth companies in the Nordics for a long time already”, says Invesdor CEO Lasse Mäkelä. “Merging with Finnest opens up new possibilities for our community: we are creating an increasingly comprehensive and international network of both investors and target companies. True growth comes from bravely crossing borders - Invesdor joining forces with Finnest is a strong step in this direction.”

Finnest has become known as the platform that enables established companies to attract loan investments while also creating themselves marketing advantages. Most popular in DACH countries are loan investments where the investor can choose to receive the interest in products or services instead of money (a so-called “payment-in-kind” loan product). An example of such a loan would be an investment in a hotel chain where the investor may choose to receive the payment of interest in hotel overnight stays or services instead of cash.

Invesdor is working currently to enable Nordic companies to offer bond products with payment-in-kind features. This will provide tools for Nordic companies not only to raise debt or equity funding but also to speed up their expansion and growth into new European markets.

“We are gaining deep knowledge and years of experience from the DACH market. We want our Invesdor community to benefit from this unique market access. Together Invesdor and Finnest are the most comprehensive player among the European digital investment platforms. We will support exciting companies from Nordics and the DACH region to successfully run both equity-based funding rounds as well as loan products”, says Invesdor’s VP of Nordic Sales Raine Luomanen.

“Our future vision is to be a strong player not only on a Nordic scale, but on a European level. To reach this, we have set the our goals high. Our expertise and framework are on a solid basis and merging with Finnest supports this perfectly”, states CEO Mäkelä.


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