Welcome to the new Invesdor.com

invesdor | Invesdor Insights | 24.09.2020

It is a special time in the history of Invesdor. We are highly excited to bring you the new, modern look for the Invesdor brand, our website and our digital investment platform. 

Under the fresh coat of paint you will find the familiar Invesdor you know and trust - but also a new drive and purpose. Very recently, Invesdor Group set up an office in Berlin. Before the summer, we completed our first private equity round on the DACH market with Austrian company Biogena, and currently we are launching another Austrian equity round with NEOH. 

Our team has been carefully building and optimizing our process for DACH companies. We are very proud to start bringing these investment opportunities available for you, our investor community. You are our key audience and we want to keep developing our service to a direction that’s ever more investor-centric and serves your needs. We have many ideas for this and hope to show them to you in the coming months.

Our focus remains on digitalizing cross-border investing and bringing you the most outstanding target companies. The new visual identity of our brand communicates this purpose and marks the beginning of a new phase on that journey. 

So on behalf of everyone in the Invesdor team, welcome! We're glad to see you here.

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