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Last updated February 26, 2018
From the heart of Fiskars Village, powered by ambition: Ägräs Distillery is on a mission to conquer the world with a selection of spirits that Finland can be proud of.

Business & market

We believe that "the world's best..." is still in the making.

Business & market

Ägräs Distillery Oy was founded in Q3 of 2015. The company headquarters, production and entertainment facilities are all in Fiskars. Our production premises on the banks of Fiskars river covers 200 square meters with a yearly distilling capacity of 150,000 liters.

The same premise hosts also our tasting room, the Tap Room. In the Tap Room customers can enjoy our carefully crafted products as well as other alcoholic beverages made by local artesan producers while they familiarize themselves with our distilling processes through a big window separating the two spaces. The Tap Room hosts a variety of events ranging from product tastings to smaller concerts and works also as a shop for branded merchandise. During summer the space hosts tastings of upcoming products, giving the customers a glimpse of our product development process. When not in public use, the Tap Room can be rented for private events creating extra income. The Tap Room seats 24 people and houses also an outdoor terrace.

Our mission is to produce the finest hand-crafted spirits made with premium grain, uniquely balanced and infused, craft distilled, aged, and hand bottled at our premises.

Our goal is to do more than just compete with our products domestically and internationally. We are going back to the roots of Fiskars and awakening a whole community of craftmanship in the making. We believe that "the world's best..." is still in the making.

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Our team

Tomi Purhonen

Master Distiller

Tomi is the man behind the distilling magic. By tweaking the distilling process towards perfection he ensures the high quality and optimal taste of the Ägräs products. Tomi’s knowledge of distilling consists of years of practice. Before joining the team he was working with Teerenpeli distilling.

Susanna Kankare

Founding partner, CEO


Susanna, “The villager of the year 2015” in Fiskars is an inspiring, brave and a down to earth peasant. She has over ten years of experience of management, entrepreneurship and product development. Susanna has an economics degree as well as degrees in leadership and product development.

Juha Kuronen

Founding partner, Director of the board


As Director of the board Juha’s responsibility alongside with the board is to take the company forward with clear set goals. Juha has a long entrepreneurial background in both the IT business and the beverages industry.

Jari Leinonen

Founding partner


Jari is no novice to the industry. With 17 years of experience from the restaurant business, his life is all about flavors and different tastes. He is also the Founder of Rekolan Panimo, nowadays Fiskarsin Panimo and a partner at Fiskarsin Juustola,

Karri Isomeri

Member of the board, one of the biggest investors from the first crowdfunding

Karri is an investor and an MSc in economics who have been investing already for four decades. He got interested in crowdfunding and it took him all the way to becoming an angel investor at FIBAN. Karri is also a member of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Finlande and the Finnish Sauna Society.

Our story

Wild botanical herbs and aged spirits form the heart of Finnish nature.

Ägräs Distillery is situated in Fiskars, Finland - a historic village surrounded by the raw magnificence of Finnish nature, internationally renowned for its rich heritage in artistry and design.

Our philosophy about the craft of distilling embodies centuries-long traditions and knowhow of using handpicked, wild herbs from the region for creating potions and spirits that heal body and soul. We transcend this knowledge into our unique Gin and Akvavit which manifest the natural integrity of our ingredients.

From the pure waters of Fiskars to the seasonal selected botanical roots, seeds, flowers, herbs and berries that we have handpicked from our surroundings, we create one of a kind spirits, exclusively crafted for the rest of the world to enjoy.

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Funding & Documents

Ägräs Distillery Oy has raised 738.97k EUR in 2 funding rounds with a latest valuation of 2.28M EUR

Funding rounds
Date Amount
May, 2017 376 960 EUR
Feb, 2016 362 010 EUR

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