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Last updated November 21, 2019
A fintech company founded in Finland in 2012, Invesdor connects ambitious European companies with investors worldwide. Invesdor has helped investors from more than 70 countries find and invest in more than a hundred private and public companies.
Financial information
Revenue EBITDA
2018 1 560 458 EUR -635 564 EUR
2017 1 020 835 EUR -242 293 EUR
2016 436 771 EUR -603 700 EUR
2015 327 788 EUR -472 874 EUR
2014 75 202 EUR -296 375 EUR
2013 48 000 EUR -47 000 EUR
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Business & market

Invesdor has a proven track record of successful equity and debt crowdfunding cases. We have positioned ourselves to become the leader in cross-border equity crowdfunding in Europe.

Business & market

Invesdor is the biggest equity crowdfunding player in the Nordic countries and the only platform providing a fully integrated service for both companies and investors. Through our service, entrepreneurs can focus on raising funding with our tested processes and tools while we handle the legal and compliance issues, the authentication of investors, the transfer of funds and the steps to close the round and register the new shares issued.

Our competitive advantage relies not only on the quality of our network and the breadth of our marketing and sales but also on carefully planned regulatory and technological strategies. We believe that the intelligent fit between our business and the regulatory and technological strategies gives us an unmatched value proposition in the market.

Expansion and Market Penetration

Our international team has worked seamlessly in different countries and has built a network of highly valuable partnerships across Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the United Kingdom. Our approach relies on a lean market penetration strategy and collaboration with both institutional and commercial partners. We have established a network of finders – local consultants scouting the market for suitable client companies – in all the countries we have entered allowing us to reach potential clients in several industries and geographies.

Our Europe-wide MiFID investment firm licence is the cornerstone of our internationalization. We strongly believe in the need for a regulated equity crowdfunding market. All major European players in the industry are regulated platforms relying on local legislation, whereas we have selected a wider regulatory framework. Thanks to our MiFID license, we operate on a pan-European level reaching a cross-border market which is not accessible to our competitors. We have notified our licence to almost all EEA countries, and are thus allowed to offer our services in all of them.

Our Value Proposition

As a full-service platform we focus on providing value for both our client companies and the investors wishing to invest in our client companies. We are building a state-of-the-art platform able to service companies in a scalable way while providing investors with an easy service for investing in interesting growth companies.

Our offering for companies:

Equity offering: The client company issues new shares, thus selling ownership in exchange for funding. A useful option for growth companies and ones who seek to grow their network, gain more shareholders and cultivate brand ambassadors.

Bond offering: The client company issues bonds, thus borrowing money from investors and paying them interest biannually. At the end of the loan period, the original loan is also paid back. Our bonds are generally structured as transferable securities, which can be traded in the secondary market. Bond offerings are suitable for more established, profitable companies.

Invesdor Services: Invesdor Services offers a variety of standardized service packages to support client companies during their funding rounds. The Services unit offers marketing campaign consultancy to support the company in outlining the funding round; investment presentation consultancy to allow the company to highlight the unique selling points of the round; Ownersportal, a shareholder and bondholder management tool to ease post-round communication, coupon interest payments on bonds and secondary market listing services (in cooperation with our partners) for shares.

Our offering for investors:

Invesdor platform: the core of our value proposition is the easy and transparent tool to invest in shares or bonds of private and public companies Invesdor Ownersportal: an easy to use shareholder management tool for businesses, and a way for investors to keep track of their unlisted investments

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Our team

Lasse Mäkelä

CEO, Co-founder, Member of the Management Team


Invesdor's co-founder and CEO, Lasse is responsible for the general management and leading of the company. His prior work experience includes CFO and M&A positions at Corbel, Consti, and KONE, and investment banking at Icecapital and Merrill Lynch London. EMBA in general management.

Günther Lindenlaub

COO, Member of the Management Team


Günther leads Invesdor's Sales Team. It is his goal to make Invesdor the leading alternative financing platform for Nordic and German-speaking companies. He was an investment banker for 20 years before he founded and managed Finnest. Finnest is now part of the Invesdor Group.

Katri Koponen

VP, Marketing and Communication, Member of the Management Team


Katri leads Invesdor’s marketing and communications team and is in charge of growing the recognition and reputation of the Invesdor brand globally. Katri has been with Invesdor since May 2019. She holds an M.A. degree in organizational communication.

Juho Niemistö

VP, Development, Member of the Management Team

Juho leads Invesdor’s development team. He has over 10 years of experience in software development. Juho has been with Invesdor since March 2018. He holds a M.Sc. degree in computer science and a M.A. in musicology.

Sonja Lassila

Legal & Compliance, Member of the Management Team


Sonja leads Invesdor's in-house legal team handling compliance, due diligence and KYC matters. With prior experience from Fondia, she's been at Invesdor since 2014.

Tero Weckroth

Chairman of the Board


20 years in financial services, pharma, and entrepreneurship. Previously at Serono (now Merck KGaA) and 11 years in investment banking in Helsinki, London and Zurich, at Alfred Berg/ABM AMRO, Dresdner Kleinwort and Kepler. M.Sc. in pharmacy and MBA. Board member of European Crowdfunding Network.

Robert Sjöblad

VP, Finance and HR, Member of the Management Team

Robert leads Invesdor's Finance and HR team. Robert has 20 years of experience in various financial tasks. Robert started at Invesdor in August 2019. He holds a M.A. degree in business administration.

Reinhard Hoenig

Head of Sales, DACH

Reinhard is a member of Invesdor’s extended management team and has been with Finnest since 2015 as the company's CSO responsible for the sales team in the DACH region. He has 25 years of corporate finance expertise and led corporate business & product units in different banks.

Raine Luomanen

Vice President, Nordic Corporate Sales

Raine’s main focus is to acquire new customers in the Nordic countries. He has extensive experience in crowdfunding and corporate finance, having worked at Privanet and Taaleri, as well as managing the Finnish operations of FundedByMe. Raine started at Invesdor in August 2019.

Riikka Koskenohi

VP, Investor and Client Management

Riikka leads the Investor and Client Management team. Her goal is to ensure target companies get well connected with our investor community. Before joining Invesdor, she was the COO of Dynamo&Son Oy.

Our story

Founded in 2012 in Helsinki, Finland as an equity crowdfunding platform, Invesdor has grown into the leading licenced Nordic player in the crowdfunding and digital fundraising environment. Since 2012, we have expanded our services to international markets as well as new asset classes.

The year 2015 marked an important milestone for Invesdor: we received a Europe-wide MiFID investment firm licence and started our internationalization processes in the United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. The licence enables us to serve any company within the European Economic Area. We have proven the quality of our service and technology and successfully entered international markets attracting foreign companies and investors.

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