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Last updated July 18, 2018
Cutting-edge plant science, light spectrum intelligence and hi-tech bundled up into a beautifully designed consumer product – this is Plantui, a smart garden inspiring the growth market of urban indoor gardening.
Financial information
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Revenue EBITDA
2020* 10 273 000 EUR 1 201 000 EUR
2019* 6 066 000 EUR 602 000 EUR
2018* 1 903 000 EUR -162 000 EUR
2017 562 318 EUR -315 471 EUR
2016 441 618 EUR -611 545 EUR

Business & market

We want to give everyone the chance to grow their own delicious and healthy greens - no green thumb needed, not even a plot of land. After all, majority of us live in cities with very limited possibilities for growing, well - anything. We believe we can stimulate people to grow more plants by making it easier and fun.

Business & market

Our vision: everyone deserves a garden

The Plantui concept is based on a scalable business model where consumers buy a Plantui Smart Garden product combined with recurring purchases of Plantui Plant Capsules and accessories.

Plantui has developed a software controlled concept of indoor hydroponics, where irrigation and the light spectres change during different phases from germination to harvesting. This gives the plants optimal conditions to grow successfully, combined with our special nutrients. The unique Plantui growth method and the Plantui 6 platform have been patented on all continents (IPR).

We have three platforms covering different price levels: Plantui 6 being the current premium product, Plantui 3e an entry level product with a lower price point, and the Moomin Garden the premium version of Plantui 3 intended for children. Moomin Garden is accompanied by an educational story book about the fun of growing plants.

To make urban gardening even easier, our plant capsules are grouped according to their growth timelines. Fast growers take only 3–5 weeks to harvest and the slowest ones take from 8 to 12 weeks. We have a selection of more than 40 different plants. Plantui seeds are GMO free and contain no artificial chemicals.

The business and customers

Plantui is a Finnish company based in Helsinki and originally established in Turku. Our management, sales and marketing are based in Helsinki, manufacturing in Finland/Lithuania and product development in Turku.

Our business is on an upward spiral. In the past two years, we have entered several international markets such as Italy, Switzerland, France Belgium, Czech republic, United Kingdom and South east Asia via our hub in Singapore. Our sales are on a continued growth track and our retail network has spread to cover more than 20 countries in Europe and Asia. We have entered new channels and continue to build our market presence in chosen strategic areas. Our own webshop at is an important channel to market the entire product line. We are shipping globally. Besides our own webshop our products are available at more than 15 international webshops.

The year 2018 we are targeting an increase in sales especially in Central Europe, and Asia. plans prepared to enter the US market. Our dedicted distributor in the areas are supporting our channel penetration in many countries.

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Our team

Rene Österman



Engaged team leader with a strong customer focus, fan of Chili Demon and motto Speed is Life.

Kari Vuorinen



I'm the tech geek of Plantui, I like sage, a herb with many uses

Andrew Kolomy

Sales Manager, Export


I am the front line of Plantui – the Storyteller and my story is about Shiso.

Outi Lehtimäki

Customer Service Manager

Customer service wizard and a true believer of all things organic.

Lotta Immonen

Marketing Trainee


All-around marketing help & content creator.

Our story

Walking around his summer cottage garden, Janne Loiske harvested a handful of tangy rocket and some mint to perk up the potatoes. It was at this very moment when he paused and thought: "Wouldn't it be great if everyone were able to do this in the city too?" This was the seed that eventually grew into Plantui five years later.

Founded in 2012, Plantui is a Food Tech company that believes gardening can make the world a happier and greener place. We believe that gardening can be made easy and accessible. And with that we have made it our mission to bring everyone their own piece of happiness - their own garden. Because everyone deserves happiness and because everyone deserves a garden.

The company began planning a beautifully designed growth platform for indoor hydroponic gardening. The leading principle of the work was to ensure successful growth for the plants. The first product, Plantui 6 hydroponic indoor garden, was launched in 2014 in Denmark and Finland.

In March 2015, the highly regarded international Red Dot Design Award was granted to Janne Loiske for the design of Plantui Smart Garden. The award has boosted the marketing of Plantui Smart Gardens to retailers in Europe and Asia. In 2016 Plantui's hydroponic indoor gardening method received a global patent.

In a Plantui smart garden, you grow Plantui seeds packed in ready-to-go plant capsules with all the nutrients needed. We launched our product with a selection of 30 plants. From the very beginning our selection was versatile from familiar salads to edible flowers and Asian herbs. Today we offer three different smart garden models and more than 40 different plants to grow. We continue to expand our selection further: we have just launched chilies to the market and at the same time we test tomatoes and strawberries in our laboratory.

As you can see, plants are our passion. We study them continuously with the help of our network boasting expertise in biology, botany and greenhouse technology.

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Funding & Documents

Plantui has raised 601.62k EUR in 1 funding rounds with a latest valuation of 4.93M EUR

Funding rounds
Date Amount
Jun, 2017 601 620 EUR

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