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Last updated July 18, 2018
Podmosphere is the worlds first mass-sponsor plattform for brands and all sized podcasts with baked-in ads read by hosts. With just a few clicks sponsors can send out sponsor requests, that the podcaster confirm or decline.

Business & market

The podcast ad market is pojected to 500$m+ in the US by 2020. Witch mainly is the 3% largest podcasts. Our target audience is the 97% small and medium sized podcasts.

Business & market

The podcast industry is a fast-growing industry with a high buy rate from the audience who listen to ads. But so far it's only been focused on sponsoring the largest podcasts, until now. We don't just CTRL+C the radio business model and CTRL+V it over to the podcast industry like many of our competitors.

We see the value in the voice of the podcasters, the grassroots who built the medium. That's why we want to revolutionize the sponsor market within the podcast industry! Editorial by Varga for Discoverpods

Since our launch in February 2018 we have seen a much faster growth than expected, and gotten over 700 podcasts to sign up by themselves and verified 120+ of them. The eco-system of the podcasters loves Podmosphere and helps us promoting it by using our #Podmosphere on twitter every hour of the day in posts with their podcast episodes since this is a game changer for the 97% of podcasters who has less than 50.000 listeners/episode on average. But also for brands who have wanted to sponsor podcasts or been looking for more podcasts to sponsor in an easy way! With our service, we disrupt the industry by not having to have agents for podcasts or a closed platform with selling agents to the sponsors. We focus on making it easy for sponsors and podcasters instead of making it just easy for ourselves.

Podcasts sign up and add their podcast and what price they are looking for. We automatically take most information from their RSS-feed, which means it takes 1-2 min to sign up.

Sponsors can then search through the podcasts that Podmosphere has validated by searching for genres, country and so on. They then send out a sponsor request to the podcasts they want to buy ad spots in. If a podcaster accepts, the contract is automatically done.

Value Proposition For brands: * Cheaper CPM($/1000listeners)*

reach podcasts with ads read by the hosts(3,5+ times more efficient. baked-in)*

sponsor a lot of podcasts and reach small and medium-sized podcasts who will grow, and you get more listeners then you paid for

Brands reach listeners who actively found the podcast not just because their famous but because they were looking for it and have a high trustability with the podcast.

Since sponsors have wanted to buy ads in small and medium-sized podcasts, but not had the chance since it has not been worth the time to find them one by one, negotiate prices, write contracts and so on our service has been receiving great feedback from the brands.

For podcasts:

Only platform where 97% of the podcasts can get sponsors in mass-sponsorships Podcasters have control over their podcast and don't sign exclusive contracts with the platform. Podcasters either accept or decline sponsor requests. It's the robin hood of podcasts, where we take from the elite 3% to the 97% of the grassroot, but also introduce new brands to the industry.

Competitors Brands can use Acast(closed platform with agents, mainly big podcasts if you want baked in ads), Spotify(Dynamical ads), Advertisecast(one by one small podcasts, baked-in ads). And some other dynamical ads platforms and agencies that works for the big podcasts(most well known is midroll).

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Our story

We believe that all podcasters are entrepreneurs who deserve compensation and recognition for their unique content. Our mission is that every podcaster should earn money on their podcasting even if it's just a hobby. since we also believe in the freelance economy and impacting the shape of the industry and how people work in the future.

Www.Beta.Podmosphere.Com is an open platform for brands and podcasters. Brands can mass-sponsor all sized podcasts with just a few clicks and get baked-in ads read by the podcast's hosts now without having to deal with closed platforms and agents.

Podmosphere was founded by Varga Moshtagh, a former news editor, tv-reporter and journalist. The site started of as an IMDB front for podcasts, but pivithed 2017 to the sponsormarket and launched the new site 2018 feb.

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Funding & Documents

Podmosphere AB has raised 1.51M EUR in 3 funding rounds with a latest valuation of 4.8M EUR

Funding rounds
Date Amount
Sep, 2017 1 200 000 EUR
Sep, 2017 200 000 EUR
Sep, 2016 105 000 EUR

Other documents

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