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Last updated January 16, 2018
Transfluent is the easiest way to get professional translations in over 120 languages. Imagine having a full scale translation department around the clock without any of the associated overhead.
Financial information
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Revenue EBITDA
2018* 4 278 813 EUR 131 891 EUR
2017* 1 733 991 EUR -406 474 EUR
2016* 930 000 EUR 14 000 EUR

Business & market

Transfluent is a full service translation agency with state of the art tools that makes translating effortless. We power translations for several Fortune 500 companies and global brands.

Business & market

In short, Transfluent is a unique combination of technical know-how and translation expertise. Transfluent excels especially in two areas: speed and convenience. When comparing Transfluent to traditional translation companies, we typically get the job done within minutes to hours, while traditional providers spend anywhere from several days to weeks for the same tasks. We do this because of better tools and much smarter resource management, without sacrificing the quality of the work.

Transfluent offers a convenient online user interface for placing orders. Our customers upload documents they need translated, any time that is convenient for them. They get an instant quote, and upon accepting the quote, the work kicks off right away. Through the online system, the customers can follow progress in real-time, send messages to the translators and access the history of their past translations.

Everything is self-serve, but we have customer service available too. Ninety-nine percent of the time customers prefer to help themselves, knowing that if they ever need help, we are always available. This creates an extremely scalable system that can handle a large number of customers with minimal overhead, while still providing a fantastic customer experience.

In fact, the combination of speed and quality is not only serving existing translation needs better, it is opening new markets where translation was previously not considered possible. A great example of this is our solution to translate customer support messages—instead of hiring a team of customer service representatives who speak dozens of languages, you can now have a team of English-speaking customer service agents responding to customers in virtually all the world’s languages.

Previously, many companies only offered customer service in a handful of languages, but with the help of Transfluent they are now able to serve anyone, in any language, without having to prepare for it beforehand.

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Our team

Jani Penttinen

Founder, CEO


Jani is a serial entrepreneur and language industry executive. Prior to his entrepreneurial career, he was a game developer and one of the world's leading 3D engineers. Jani has lived on 3 continents and during his career, he has managed companies in USA, China, Singapore, Switzerland and Finland.

Tomi Heiskanen

CTO, co-founder


Tomi and Jani have been working as a team since 2008, and this is their second start-up. Previously, Tomi built other successful start-ups, such as ii2 and Petsie, so he is a serial entrepreneur to the heart! Tomi has architected Transfluent's revolutionary platform and leads the development.

Lyndon Dodd



Lyndon is a businessman and an angel investor based in Stockholm, Sweden. He was formerly an investment banker.

Ari Backholm

Board member


Ari sold his company and moved to Silicon Valley well over 10 years ago and is one of the most experienced Finnish entrepreneurs in the San Francisco Bay Area these days.

Our story

We have changed the way businesses handle their translation needs.

Our vision

Transfluent was founded on the belief that languages are important, and every company deserves a chance to make their products and services available in all markets. Similarly, all consumers deserve to get service in their own languages.

Our translators

We use professional freelance translators. Because we work with experienced industry professionals, most of our translators are also working for other translation companies. In fact, the pool of skilled translators is finite, and regardless of which translation company you end up using, the odds are that the same translators will be doing the actual translation work.

Since most translation companies share the same translator resources, the key differentiator is the technology platform for placing orders and managing translations. This is where Transfluent is miles ahead of the competition.

Our platform

Transfluent is based on a powerful resource management platform, which is architected and developed in-house. The platform understands nearly all common file types. Files can be uploaded by customers just the way they are, without having to convert them into any other format. The Transfluent system converts the file to a translator-friendly format and, once the translation is completed, back to the original file format.

The platform manages a large number of translators in a fully automated manner. When a customer places an order, it is assigned to the most suitable translator instantly. As soon as the job has been completed, the translation is delivered to the customer. During this process, nobody at the Transfluent office needs to be aware of the job.

The Transfluent platform is built from the ground up to be easily connected to other platforms.

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Funding & Documents

Transfluent Oy has raised 769.53k EUR in 1 funding rounds with a latest valuation of 8M EUR

Funding rounds
Date Amount
May, 2017 769 529 EUR

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