30.5.2016 What drives the success of crowdfunding campaigns?

These results can be considered to be good news for entrepreneurs who are setting up campaigns, as many of these features are such that they can influence – even relatively effortlessly – themselves. - Anna Lukkarinen, Doctoral candidate at Aalto University School of Business

30.5.2016 How is Allas Sea Pool doing six months after crowdfunding?

Invesdor visited Helsinki Allas’ annual general meeting to hear the latest news and opening plans for the summer.

25.5.2016 Minilaod is bringing self storage into Estonia

Interview with the entrepreneur behind Mini-Holding Oy and Minilaod Oü, Tuomas Kurittu.

25.5.2016 What our cooperation with Danske Bank means

On Monday we announced that we had started a cooperation with Danske Bank in Finland. From Invesdor’s perspective, we will be receiving client leads from the bank. The cooperation is an efficient client acquisition channel for us.

24.5.2016 Quickly growing self storage company Minilaod OÜ organizes crowdfunding campaign to expand operations in Estonia

Mini- Holding Oy, engaged in self storage business in Tallinn through its 100% subsidiary Minilaod OÜ, has started a crowdfunding campaign to offer investors in Estonia securities in the amount of up to 100,000 euros. The occupancy rate of the 176 storage units of Minilaod OÜ is 100 % today. The company is planning to expand vigorously in Tallinn as well as start business in Tartu and Pärnu.

23.5.2016 Invesdor starts cooperation with Danske Bank in Finland

Danske Bank is the first bank in Finland to start supporting its business customers wanting to use equity crowdfunding. The cooperation, which is limited to Finnish businesses, has already commenced and the first projects are being evaluated.