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Injeq – Smart needle which knows where its tip is

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anonymous 10 days ago

Are ultrasound guided lumbar punctures an alternative / competitor for your product?

anonymous 9 days ago

This is a good question. Injeq is quite aware of spinal needles equipped with a tiny ultrasonic transducer at their tip able to detect anatomic structures. There are few pre-clinical and small first-in-human exploratory studies on this topic, mainly from Chinese researchers. Primarily these ultrasound needles have been used to detect epidural space, and thus are not regarded as alternatives or competitors to the IQ-TipTM Needle. To our knowledge, there are no other spinal needles with a functionality than can detect CSF in the subarachnoid space reliably and in real time.

In addition, clinical ultrasound scanners can be used to facilitate needle guidance in lumbar punctures with evident benefits. This approach, however, requires special equipment, sterile gel, use of ultrasonic probe requiring operator’s one hand, and dedicated skills on mastering the probe and interpreting the ultrasound image in real time. Obviously, there is room for a simple and feasible needle guidance that would not substantially alter the standard procedure of lumbar puncture while be of added clinical value. Our unique IQ-TipTM Needle is intended to fill that gap.

In sum, ultrasound in any form is not considered an alternative or a competitor to our product.

anonymous 9 days ago

Thank you for the detailed reply.

anonymous 11 days ago

The pitch states that "To protect its rights, the company has either acquired or applied for patents on four different technologies.". Please share links (or publication numbers) for the published patents and patent applications, so that we investors can evaluate your IPR position.

Injeq Oy
11 days ago

Dear anonymous,

Please run a search on Espacenet or make a Google search on patents (https://fi.espacenet.com/ and https://www.google.com/?tbm=pts). This will give you a fair overview on our IPR position.

anonymous 11 days ago

So the four technologies are these: https://patents.google.com/?assignee=injeq&oq=injeq ?

Two EP grants and two promising IPERs. One US application abandoned, one US application rejected and one US applications still awaiting first office actions.


Injeq Oy
5 days ago

We have proceeded from this in both EU and USA, and considered the geographical alternatives tightly in order to give us best value for money without compromising our IPR protection substantially. So far we have not discontinued any of the four patent families we have initiated. We are also considering new patents at the moment but that is another subject and speculation.