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Renthia is a digital platform connecting homeowners with tenants by automating 90% of long-term renting. After four years and a growth of 570%, the PropTech company is set to engage with the massive global rental market.

Our story

Renthia is a PropTech platform, founded in 2015 allowing homeowners to escape struggle and cost-consumption when renting out properties by offering a complete one-stop solution for long-term renting. Thanks to 90% of our processes being automated as well as the great value provided, Renthia is today one of the leading renting platforms in Sweden and ready to penetrate the massive global rental market.

Back in 2015, Co-founders Marcus Björke and Stefano Scardia encountered the struggle of renting out a home, yearly experienced by millions. As expatriates moving abroad, they left their domestic homes to dust, simply because there was no company leading the way to rent and manage it for them. As a result, Renthia was founded.

What started as a retail service for homeowners and tenants therefore soon came to develop into the same business but with more quantity all while preserving the same technologies. Today, amongst Renthia’s customers we also find multi-homeowners, or Property Developers, who have similar, yet different challenges as private homeowners. Imagine having hundreds of rental properties, thousands of tenants to manage and even more support and service matters to deal with.

By March 2019, Renthia has had over 35 000 sqm managed, SEK 50,000,000 in rental transactions, 30 different customer nationalities, 120,000 nights booked and on average 13 months customer retention.

What is the secret behind the success? We believe that the success comes from the heartfelt rental market situation enabling the company to focus on the value provided and service shared with private homeowners. While getting to know the real struggles and appreciations of these homeowners, Renthia has used this knowledge as a foundation of what today also seemingly adds value to Property Developers’ residential operations.

Vision: Renthia’s vision is to be the biggest digital rental partner by creating a frictionless renting experience.

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