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Rima Oy 20 days ago

How would you describe Rekki's exit strategy? Are you primarily pursuing for business growth, working towards an exit plan, or both?

Omnichannel Retail Services Oy
19 days ago

Thanks for the question! Originally, we didn't establish Rekki with only the exit in mind.

Primarily our goal is to make an impact and create a success and growth story but the business also holds strong commercial objectives. We have explored different options to continue growth also in the future including different exit options.

To be able to grow internationally and scale up fast, we are going to require further funding and may need to partner with someone in the future. We are open to discussions but concentrating fully on growth at the moment.

For investors, we are building a road map which when achieved would enable an option to exit on round B.

Br, Bertta / Rekki

anonymous 25 days ago

Could you please describe what kind of expenses are included in other operating expenses? It seems that it has been quite material amount during last 3 years (approx. 100k).

Omnichannel Retail Services Oy
25 days ago

Thanks for the question!

Last year the cost structure of the business (in relation to revenue) was: 45% Purchases (clothes and accessories bought from individual consumers) 36% Personnel 18% Logistics 5% Marketing 5% Warehousing 5% Other (incl. IT maintenance, administration, etc.)

We have been testing different kinds of models in purchasing and provided earlier an option to choose between lower fixed cost and sales account model with better compensation to the seller. A substantial part of the current selection has been bought from consumers with a fixed fee to expand product selection during the first few years of the business. These products can be seen on our balance sheet as inventories.

At the moment we provide only sales account model. Over 70% of the new products published on our commerce site will be sold in 30 days. We have planned to launch a new compensation model later this year after further development of the IT platform and data utilization. The amount of data we already have enables relatively accurate forecasting of the probability to sell each purchased product and brand and providing for example product or brand-specific compensation for the seller.

If we look at the total profitability of the business, the profitability of each sustainable fashion expert is on average 2000€ per month, which means that scaling up the total volume will enable covering the fixed costs at about 100 k€ net sales level per month.

I hope this clarifies the matter!

Br, Bertta Häkkinen / Rekki