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Kiwatti provides flexible turn-key solutions for renewable energy production and storage applications. Company’s target is 100% revenue growth for the year 2020 and scaling up to international markets in the next coming years

Our story

What is Kiwatti?

Kiwatti is a renewable energy solutions EPC contractor targeting to energy intensive companies and public operators and energy utilities market. Kiwatti utilizes well-known quality components of major brands that it optimizes in its solutions on case by case basis. 


Pasi Vuorio established Kiwatti in 2009 by starting to import Japanese compact wind turbines for special purposes such as for tele companies’ link-towers, weather stations and on islands that do not had access to electric grid. Kiwatti has delivered compact wind turbines to Scandinavia, and to several Northern Europe countries. 

In 2015 Kiwatti extended its business to solar power solutions that has become its main business area. Solar energy is currently the fastest growing renewable energy market not only in Finland but also globally.

Kiwatti has grown organically by so far, and it has reached a leading position among independent solar energy EPC companies in Finland. Kiwatti expects its revenue to grow by 100% up to 1.7 million € from the year 2019 of 832 k€. Net income of the company was -49k€ in 2019. In order to reach the targeted revenue Kiwatti will invest in marketing and sales, but also in operations enabling therefore a significant growth potential for company’s valuation. 

Kiwatti’s target is to extend its businesses towards international markets in the coming next years. Due to Kiwatti’s ambitious going international strategy, it is the most appropriate moment to invest in Kiwatti today.

Why to invest in Kiwatti?

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