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Xampion- Coming Soon!

This is a preview of an upcoming funding round

Xampion is a game-changing performance tracker for footballers who want to develop their skills systematically. Xampion is a world-first in making unique, personal performance data available to players and coaches starting from the grassroots level.

Our story

Xampion was founded in 2016 and quickly grew into a versatile team of entrepreneurs, technology professionals and pro athletes, past and present. We all share a passion to create something that will change the way people think about training and developing themselves in the sports they love.

More specifically, Xampion is on a mission to democratize meaningful, high-quality performance data in football where tools for this purpose are rarely available for players and coaches outside of professional sports. Ultimately, Xampion’s goal is to motivate young players, non-professionals and coaches for smarter training and better results.

After a soft-launch phase, Xampion sales started in June 2019. In the following months we started gaining significant traction especially in the Nordics, the Benelux countries and UK. Even with limited marketing resources we managed to achieve an average monthly growth of 25% in units sold by the end of 2019. Our marketing efforts have been highly successful as our marketing investments have produced 3x in revenue in average.

Today Xampion has sold over 2200 units of the Dual Sensor Pack to 30 different countries. Xampion has local representation in Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Cyprus and South America (Chile), and there are several active negotiations ongoing for new partnerships.

Why invest in Xampion?

  • Xampion has proven traction in a global and fast growing market.
  • Xampion has a profitable and scalable business model with multiple revenue streams and emphasis on recurring revenue.
  • Xampion data can be utilized in various ways and is the subject of interest to several stakeholders. Xampion technology has a wide range of utilization possibilities in other sports and also in non-sport environments.
  • Xampion is on a positive mission to get our youngsters out there enjoying sports by providing an extra motivation boost.
  • Current and former professional athletes such as Petri Pasanen, Juha Reini, Jere Uronen, Antti Törmänen and Jesper Jansson have proven to trust our mission and are among our owners and advisors.
  • We estimate a potential exit by acquisition within 5 years.

Xampion will be opening their funding round to the public soon - please like this showcase to get email notification when that happens.