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Caretainment solutions for mature adults

SmartVisio's unique caretainment solution allows mature adults to prolong their active lives and remain at their beloved homes much longer, delivering significant savings for the society by r

Our story


Our business & market situation

SmartVisio Ltd develops and sells comprehensive and fully scalable platform solution which delivers care, entertainment and communication services  for the mature adults. In addition to the platform, SmartVisio Ltd also provides targeted content for the mature adult audience. Market opportunity is huge, as many western markets will have close to 30% of their population being mature adults (>65 years of age) by 2030:

  • In Finland people over 65 year olds account for 18 % (1.000.000) of the population, which is set to grow to 26 % 1.430.000 by 2030
  • In the EU there are 90 million  senior citizens, which is set to grow to 130 million by 2030
  • In the US there are  40 million senior citizens, which is set to grow to 70 million by 2030

Mature adults want to, and are encouraged to, remain active and living in their own homes as long as possible instead of  becoming institutionalized in nursery homes.

Services in the public, private and third party sectors are organization-centric, fragmented, overlapping and finding them can be arduous. Both home care and institutional care are requiring more and more workers as our population ages and managing their workforce is difficult and inefficient for caregivers.

SmartVisio enables the mature adults to prolong their active lives and remain living in their own safe and beloved homes much longer - bringing better quality of life and enjoyable content for them, peace of mind for their loved ones along with easy ability for daily communications with them, and tangible cost savings for the society - the monthly fee for the service is merely the cost of a single visit by a nurse.

SmartVisio solution consists of a hosted software solution which provides the user interface (which has been designed to be extremely easy to use), communication and content delivery through standard hardware components (TV, remote controls, video camera, audio handsfree  etc). Solution also supports remote monitoring and care features such as remote diagnostics and video calls with doctors. Solution uses open interfaces to enable flexibility to add new features using standard software and hardware components.  Solution is delivered to customers in turn-key fashion, and it can be single installation (e.g. single room in nursing home) or a shared installation for the community (e.g. in the common area of the nursing home)

Company's sales pipeline is growing rapidly, having already 7 customers with deliveries, 12 more waiting for final order confirmations and over 20 high potential prospects. Current deliveries are generating revenue over 80k€ for the next 12 months, which will grow to 260k€ with order confirmations from the pending ones.

Our team

Our team


Entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience

Visionary for practical products and solutions (e.g. EcoSmart), expert in service business development and sales

LinkedIn http://fi.linkedin.com/in/jm050960


RONI MÄKIPÄÄ, Sales manager, founder

Experience for health care service sales over three years.

Respond for private and public sectors.

LinkedIn http://fi.linkedin.com/pub/roni-mäkipää/13/848/536


TOMMI MÄKIPÄÄ, Sales manager, founder

Experience for health care service sales over three years.

Respond for institution and content production.

LinkedIn http://fi.linkedin.com/pub/tommi-mäkipää/2a/17b/741



Vesa Köppä, Development Project Manager

Lauri Vastamäki, Software Designer

With two new software engineers being recruited


Seasoned advisors supporting in the growth and international expansion of the business - Timo Liukko, Markus Kankaanpää and Peter Ollikainen, who are also minority owners of the company.