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Skwish - Coming soon

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A freelancer's best friend. A tool to manage your Clients, Projects and Tasks; Collaborate with your team, quote for work while reducing emails and improving your client experience. Become a better freelancer. Skwish - Freelancing made simple.

Our story

Skwish aims to make the work life of a freelancer easier. It was built to address the issues just mentioned. It currently features:


Skwish enables you to invite team members. You control their access and delegate Projects and Tasks accordingly. You also have the ability to set team members up with different Job Titles so you can build your perfect collaboration team. An important feature here is setting or delegating control. As a manager you can control what level of functionality your team member has – You want team member A to agree/sign off work but not the rest of the team, it’s possible.


Every item of work you do, or plan to do is added to the Schedule tool so at a glimpse of the main dashboard screen you can see what’s coming up, not just for you but also for your team. With colour coordinated entries to depict deadlines, tasks and projects, you are in control.

Feed Back Pinning Tool:

The first feature to be added by request from current users, the pinning tool enables clients to feedback to the freelancer any changes, bugs or request additional features to work carried out. This is specifically for designers and developers that would send digital work for approval and enables a client to ‘pin’ the issue on his/her computer using a free Skwish Chrome Widget (available in the chrome store) which then feeds back to the freelancer the specific issue (including a screen shot and page details) – No more email tennis and no more ‘lost in translation’ issues.


Possibly the most attractive feature for a freelancer, Skwish enables you to quote a client for an entire project, a task within that project or for separate updates, feature requests and feedback sessions. The feature is great for those clients that ask the ‘Could you just add…’ Clients can approve with one click and all communications are recorded. This feature empowers a freelancer to be able to push back a ‘pushy client’ without it appearing to be personal. This will increase profitability over time for the freelancer.

Project Management:

Manage your client requests by creating a project – within that project, you can assign roles (with rates) to your team. From the Dashboard, you can see exactly how much progress each project has made and at what stage each worker is at.

Client Onboarding:

Setting a client up on Skwish is extremely simple. Within 5 clicks you can have the client live with rate card, Client details, Logo and other information specific to that client. (Future features will see a client being on-boarded via an email)


Our business & market situation

Skwish is an early stage company that offers a web-based client management application as well as a chrome extension. Skwish – Freelancing Made Simple, offers a simple yet powerful tool that enables freelancer and client to communicate more effectively, helps manage and organise projects and tasks and makes quoting for work extremely easy. Skwish also enables freelancers to invite and collaborate with team members making it the ideal tool to help grow and manage a freelancer's business. Skwish is fully responsive so you can take your team management, client communications and work schedule wherever you go.

Customer Acquisition and Growth Strategy 

Skwish’s financial success will be achievable by attracting a high volume of users quickly. The more users, the more profitable the company will become. Our aim in year 1 is to gain 45,500 members. The availability of percentage share in the market, the tiny price of the product, the 3 different acquisition approaches below and the product itself all make 45,500 members in 12 months highly achievable.