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Nimber - Going your way, anyway

Nimber is a matching platform for deliveries. We match people who need to send with those going that way anyway, creating a delivery solution that is convenient, cost effective and sustainable.

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Our story

Nimber started with a ski trip, a postal truck accident – packages scattered on the road – an empty back seat, and a realisation that people are constantly on the move and have spare capacity to bring something along. We asked the question: How can we utilise this spare capacity for a delivery? From this idea, Nimber was born, in Norway (originally as Easybring) in 2012. We set out on a mission to match people needing to send things with people already heading that way.

Nimber has become the leading European crowd delivery service. Gross turnover increased from approximately £40,000 in 2013 to £509,000 in 2016. In Norway, Nimber is best known for its partnership with Finn.no, and is now an attractive alternative for delivering hard, heavy or bulky items, over middle and long distances. Our community of Bringers currently makes around 200 deliveries per week and to date has facilitated over 25,000 deliveries with exceptionally high user satisfaction.

Problem: Sending bulky and hard to package items is expensive and inconvenient. Sole-traders and small enterprises (accidental retailers) are growing fast due to emergence of online marketplaces and online classifieds, and existing delivery solutions are expensive and inflexible. Furthermore, non-parcel e-commerce deliveries to the home is growing rapidly, yet industry last mile solutions have capacity constraints.

Solution: Everyday millions of cars and people are going from one place to another, with spare and under-utilized capacity. Our service is a community based delivery platform where spare and under-utilized capacity (sunk cost) becomes your next delivery solution. A matching platform for delivery, Nimber wants to deliver your next item with our community of Bringers.

Our vision: Utilize spare capacity for delivery.  Our mission: Create the most personal, most loved and most sustainable delivery service.


Our business & market situation

The total global delivery market will exceed £280B by 2020 (source). Digitalisation is changing how and where we deliver, with delivery to the home growing rapidly due to e-commerce and user behaviour change. By 2020, our serviceable market, P2P (peer to peer) deliveries (including classifieds) is estimated to be worth roughly £14B. Nimber’s model positions the company to compete effectively in the delivery sector and is positioned to grow exponentially.

Growth among users of Nimber and deliveries undertaken is being derived currently from partnerships with major online classifieds companies, supported by repeat use and word of mouth.

In Norway, Nimber is the only 3rd party partner to integrate with the largest online classifieds company, Finn.no, a relationship which began in May 2014. Finn.no publishes around 4 million ads every year and have more than 90% market share in Norway. Finn.no's parent company. Schibsted Classified Media, the 2nd largest global online classified groups whose portfolio of companies include Shpock, Blocket.se and Leboncoin.fr, to mention a few. 

In the UK, Nimber is the exclusive logistics partner with the 4th largest online classifieds company, Freeads, which receives around 2 million visits per month and is integrated with FridayAds, the 5th largest. Nimber has significant integration on Freeads’ site and the close partnership allows for quick turn-around times for service enhancements and product testing.

Nimber is a matching platform. We are solely responsible for the fee collected on the transaction and take no part in the Bringer reward other than manage the transfer to the Bringer. As a rule, if delivery is being conducted in a commercial capacity, Bringer needs to adhere to the tax code in their respective country. If delivery is not done for profit, then it might not be taxable whatsoever. However, different countries have different rules. We do not advise users on their personal requirements whatsoever (not qualified to do so), directing them to reach out to their local tax authorities for clarity on the matter.

Introducing payment for the classified community

In addition to providing a trusted delivery solution, Nimber is developing a new way to pay and deliver an item for classifieds all in one, based on an escrow model. We believe this solution could address the challenge in buying products online and securing delivery at the same time.

Our escrow payment concept will allow the classified community to buy goods securely without the buyer and seller ever meeting thus increasing Classifieds scope. With a greater element of trust, this could also reduce the problem of fraud within the classified sector. 

Nimber Numbers

Nimber’s ability to delight both Senders and Bringers is paramount, and contributes to growth by word of mouth, thus positively impacting cost of marketing.

  • Of senders surveyed approximately 90% stated that they would use the service again and a similar number would recommend the service to a friend.
  • In Norway, approximately 50% of members signed up upon hearing about Nimber from a friend, social media, and traditional media. Approximately 40% learned about Nimber from Finn.no. 
  • Since inception, Nimber community has facilitated over 25,000 deliveries.
  • Gross Revenue, value of confirmed deliveries, was approximately £509,000 for 2016, up from approximately £40.000 in 2013.
  • Nimber started to monetise the service in April 2016, taking a fee from each transaction and our net revenues were approximately £50k in 2016.


The “last mile” and classified delivery business is expected to continue growing. In 2013, products ordered online generated just over one billion deliveries globally. By 2018, this number is expected to grow by 28.8% to 1.35 billion deliveries.

Nimber has a network effect model where growth increases the value of the network as our capability improves with the size of the community. Our mission is to compete across various verticals, initially focusing on delivering hard to send items over middle to long distances.

As our community grows, we will be able to transition to smaller packages over shorter distances. Crowd delivery is frequently cited as potentially playing a material role in solving—what is considered—the largest market of all: the last mile. We believe that Nimber ultimately will be able to offer last mile solutions directly to end users in partnerships with leading retailers.


As one of the innovators in the space of social or crowd delivery, Nimber’s core competitors are incumbent delivery operators:

  •     Postal services
  •     Courier services
  •     Do it yourself/ask a friend
  •     New models

Yet, Nimber is equally a potential partner to many competitors, helping them meet market prices and quality.

Nimber has a low fixed cost base, with no trucks, warehouses or capital intensive infrastructure. By comparison, incumbent delivery solutions are capital intensive, with core costs increasing every year. Our model is flexible and highly scalable. The focus on spare capacity means every new user is a potential Bringer.

Nimber’s main competitor within the crowd delivery space is US counterpart, Roadie.com (near identical model). They have raised more than $25m from investors such as Tomorrow Ventures (Eric Schmidt from Google) Square Ventures and UPS. 

We believe this is a winner takes all or most model, on a market by market level, not globally (as is the case with online classifieds). Nimber’s position as European leader in this space is an asset which enhances our competitiveness.


Our team

Our team

Nimber is nimble by design. Our team consists of product development community development/support and business development (partnerships). 

Our Commercial team is based in London whilst our Product development team is Athens based, consisting of back end, front end native and UX/UI managers.

The entire team is well incentivised (options) and focused on creating the best experience for user/s and to making Nimber a success and is aligned with shareholder interests. Our option program is designed to provide for increased loyalty and overall commitment to the Nimber vision and mission.

Supporting the growth and development of the company is a hands-on BOD with backgrounds in logistics, start-ups’, product development and business development.


Ari Kestin

CEO & Founder

An experienced and focused leader, with ample experience in management and business development, passionate about the creation of value & values. Successfully managed and scaled several growth companies, Experienced in M&A deals, incl. $185m exit. A Duke University graduate with a BA in comparative area studies.


Andrew Ckor

Product Manager

Young passionate and perfectionist product developer with startup experience. Dedicated to making user experience awesome.  Past roles includes UX/UI dev for ‘People by the hour’ and ‘Thetudu Calendars’.  Studies Computer sciences at  Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly.


Georgia Kontesidou

Lead Developer

A focused software engineer with experience in application delivery and experience in developer/analyst  in business communications & digital publishing. Previously with Telepo AB Sweden, Siemens Enterprise and Atypon.  A BA from U. of Athens in Informatics & Telecom, MSc in Internetworking from Royal Institute of Technology.


Petter Nitter

Head of Community

A hands on doer with dedication to user satisfaction. Proactive and reactive to community needs.  Previous, Social Media Analyst for Coca Cola, working on performance as well as advice on how to build successful online communities.  Graduate of Goldsmiths, University of London. BA in Media & Communications.


Marius Steen


Marius has a MSc in Industrial Engineering from NTH (currently NTNU) and an MBA from INSEAD. 

He has background in finance from Orkla Industrier, as analyst, Industrifinans, as partner, and 15 years of top management experience from Elkem, where he served as Division President, and Bertel O. Steen, where he served as CEO. In recent years Marius has been involved as angel investor through investing in and supporting early phase growth companies.


Knut Bjerke

Board Member

The originator of the concept, and founder, Knut has a combined engineering and business background. He was the founder of Mobiltelefonhuset, that became a leading distributor of mobile phones in Norway and eventually sold to Telenor, and later he founded Telehuset, owned by Telenor, where he served as CFO. In recent years Knut has been involved as a real estate developer and investor.


Tommy Jensen

Board Member

Tommy has more than a decade of experience in working with start-ups and growth companies in the London tech and media scene, either as an entrepreneur, Investor, Non-executive director or part of the executive team. Has founded/co-founded several companies in the TMT secor sector and has been involved in notable exits and acquisitions with VeriSign, Tucows and Motorola to mention a few.


Peter Hesslin


Peter brings with him more than 24 years at senior management at DHL, his last position was CEO for Nordics and UK. His experience and knowledge in the logistic industry is invaluable for Nimber. 

Peter Hesslin began his career at DHL in 1992 and has held several senior positions in Sweden, Belgium, United Kingdom and Denmark − before being appointed Managing Director in January 2012 and CEO for the Nordic and Baltic region in 2014. Peter also took on the UK as part pf the region in 2015. Prior to his appointment as the Managing Director for DHL Freight Sweden, Peter was (2010-2012) Director for DHL Freight Domestic with overall responsibility of the domestic business.


Marius Rostad


Marius has been building products for the last 20 years, both in digital media and in tech. He was responsible for bringing to market the first generation of mobile gaming apps before moving on to building new products and revenue streams for media companies in Norway. Over the last 5 years Marius has been responsible for building the Nimber product and creating a customer experience that people love.