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Have you ever hit your head and become a bit confused? Have your children encountered such a situation, or have you seen ice-hockey players colliding and lying on ice? You may have witnessed a brain injury.

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Our story

Accidents happen, but many brain injuries go undiagnosed. Medicortex Finland has developed a solution that gives a quick answer to whether or not a brain injury has occurred. Many who suffered a head injury in everyday situations or in sports were just advised to rest and avoid active play until the symptoms are resolved. In a more serious-looking case, imaging of the head by computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) may have been made later in the hospital. Still, the majority of the cases of mild traumatic brain injury and concussion remain undiagnosed due to the lack of appropriate diagnostic tools.

We are developing a rapid diagnostic test for detection of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and concussion. TBI is caused by a hit to the head or a sudden motion of the head. The incidence rate of head injury is increasing. For example, in the US the annual average of documented injuries was approximately 1.7 million between years 2001 - 2007, but it grew to 2.5 million cases by 2010. It is estimated that about 2 % of people are continuously living with and suffering from chronic sequelae of TBI. It is called a silent epidemic because of relatively high prevalence and the general unawareness associated with the condition. In sports, an undiagnosed case of TBI can result in premature return-to-play with severe consequences, or in an early onset of chronic neurodegenerative conditions.

Medicortex is a start-up company that was established in 2014 in Turku, Finland. The founder and the CEO, Dr. Adrian Harel realized the excellent reputation of Finland and Turku especially for the state-of-the-art science in brain injuries and for the active business environment in medical diagnostics. TBI and concussion are severely underdiagnosed conditions. Our vision and motivator is the chance to offer a solution for the common human problem and help the individuals who have suffered TBI to be better aware of the condition and manage the situation. Once the development of the diagnostic kit is complete, the next goal is to expand the program to the development of innovative drug to halt the progression of brain injury.