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Ezylet is an exciting property portal aimed at the untapped private rental market. Landlords, Agents & Tenants can access a host of property services all in one place leading to enhanced profits & better customer experience. That's the Ezylet way!

Our story

Ezylet was founded by landlord and investor Paul Foy. As a longstanding landlord, Paul has had direct experience of most of the difficulties in managing a lettings portfolio.

Paul's vision was to create a property platform where all the services required by a landlord would be available under one roof. From finding a tenant to property management - tax matters to finding a tradesperson, this concept, which is now a reality, puts the landlord in control of managing his property. Therefore increasing his profits and enjoying seeing the growth of his investment. That's the Ezylet way!

Ezylet provides a one stop shop property portal where Landlords can advertise direct to Tenants, and access directly  our many other services, at a low fixed cost which  enhances their profitability.

Our customers

The primary customers in our business model are UK Landlords. Approximately 75% of UK Landlords own between 1 - 3 rental properties and see these as their long-term investment. We intend to help these Landlords become more profitable by providing them a platform to advertise and managing their properties directly, saving them money. With the new tax changes which have been implemented in the UK in April 2017, Landlords more than ever need to control their operating costs. 

Revenue streams from Tenants, Estate Agents and Tradespersons who participate in the UK property market also form part of our business model.

Key Statistics

Ezylet.com has hosted in excess of 135,000 properties since January 2015.

Our web portal is fully developed and optimized for mobile use.

We currently have 100,000 visitors per month to the website which we intend to grow to 250,000 by mid-2017.

The Ezylet trademark was registered in 2007.

The road ahead

Over the next 12 months Ezylet will roll out many more services required and used by Landlords in the UK. Some of these services will be launched during the crowdfunding period.

Our vision is to grow the Ezylet brand and become the premier provider of services to Landlords and Tenants in the UK. With an eye on expansion we plan to undertake an IPO (subject to market approval) immediately after the raising of capital with Invesdor. Our application to the market has been prepared and finalised and Ezylet will convert to a PLC and make a formal application to the London NEX Corporate Market in the weeks ahead.