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ShowHau Center – Quality training center for dog owners

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Our story

ShowHau Center focuses on the wellbeing of dogs and dog owners. ShowHau Center is a multifunctional venue, where all important activities concerning dog training and care can be found under the same roof. ShowHau Center offers a broad variety of services and activities – social get-togethers for both dog owners and dogs, dog wellbeing services, healthy feeding options and dog hotel facilities.

The first ShowHau Center opened in Vantaa in April 2016. At this time the size of the dog-related industry was estimated to be over EUR 1 billion and growing.

The development of ShowHau Center has been heavily influenced by dog industry experts. ShowHau Center offers a service package, that also includes entertaining elements for dog owners. Customers get involved in the Center’s activities from a love of dog sports and there is genuine fun included in training and exercising the dogs. Business-wise the Center has multiple feet to stand on.

Our vision is to build a chain of ShowHau Centres in Finland, providing multifunctional services and products for dogs and experiences for dog owners with their beloved pet. The next step in this vision is to strengthen the services provided in the Helsinki metropolitan area by establishing a ShowHau Center in Espoo, starting operations in the fall of 2017. During the years 2018-2019 further centres will be built in large cities such as Turku, Tampere and Oulu. In the third phase, 4-5 more centres will be established in the growth centres in Finland.

ShowHau Center employees include industry experts with long term commitment and expertise in the dog industry. With the help of our talented and professional employees, ShowHau Center has developed to be a unique concept in Finland.

There is a visible gap in the pet industry between veterinary services and pet suppliers – there is a clear lack of quality training facilities and services for dogs, social get-togethers, healthy feeding options and hotel services for dogs. On the exercising and training sector there were no providers of quality services before ShowHau Center. The dog training professionals have offered only a narrow variety of services and the facilities have been rather poor until now. It is commonly known among the dog owners that the provided training halls are often dark and cold to use while toilet facilities are close to primitive. Dog owners are known to drop out of training because of poor facilities. Still, dog owners are committed and ready to exercise with their dogs, which is proven by dog agility becoming an official sport recently.