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Technology leader in fertility treatments grows!

Infertility is a growing problem affecting many couples' dreams of having a child. Ovumia is a leading tech expert in fertility treatments whose customers have had over 12,000 babies. The company is seeking financing for growth through M&As.

Our story

Infertility is increasing in all Western countries and it affects many individual's dreams of having a child. For example in Finland 27% of women and 40% of men over 35 years old are childless (source: Tilastokeskus - Finnish Statistics). There are numerous reasons for voluntary and involuntary childlessness such as life style choices, environmental factors and postponing having children. Many times a specific reason cannot be determined. Over 80% of people suffering from infertility can be helped with modern treatment technologies. 

Ovumia (business code 2320294-0) is a leading fertility clinic chain in North Europe and Finland's largest chain specialised in fertility treatments, whose clients have had over 12,000 babies. Ovumia performs over 70% of egg donor treatments in Finland. Of all Finnish clinics Ovumia also has the most extensive international clientele (from e.g. Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, England, Ireland, Russia, Canada and the United States).

Ovumia’s pro forma turnover is estimated to be over 5 M€ during the next 12 months and the company is pursuing a turnover of over 34M€:n and operating profit of 7M€ in 2023.

Ovumia operated as a service laboratory for fertility treatments during 2007-2015 and commenced private clinic operations on a larger scale in 2013 with an objective to be one of the leading European operators in its field.  With this objective in mind, Ovumia began to invest in the development of treatments and laboratory procedures for man and woman derived infertility in cooperation with Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation). During 2013-2017 the company has invested over 2,5M€ in the customization of infertility treatment processes as well as the development of management and patient administration methods and systems. As a result of the above mentioned development projects the company is now the technology leader in embryo selection, embryo diagnostics, egg bank technology and embryo culturing. In 2016 Ovumia reached pregnancy results in over 60% of single donated embryo transfers. At the same time the company’s customer processes have been developed to produce added value to customers and all operations are managed via self-customized electronic management and patient administration system.

Ovumia purchased Fertinova Tampere (previously AVA Tampere) from Terveystalo in 2016 and integrated the clinic into Ovumia. In May 2017 Ovumia has purchased the entire Fertinova brand from Terveystalo as well as the business operations of Fertinova clinics including all equipment and personnel in Helsinki and Jyväskylä. The transaction came into effect on August 18, 2017. 

By purchasing Fertinova clinics Ovumia pursues strong growth on the economic area of Helsinki as well as significant increase of international, especially Central European customers. Due to a better transportation communication, our clinic in Helsinki will be the center for Ovumia’s international customers. Furthermore, the service range in Helsinki metropolitan area will be expanded to new services, such as hysteroscopy, proactive gamete storing, preimplantation genetic diagnosis PGS, preimplantation genetic screening PGS, fertility guidance and monitoring during pregnancy.  

Ovumia’s clinic in Jyväskylä will focus on cooperating with the public sector, egg bank activities and acquiring new customers from Eastern and Central Finland.

With the clinic in Tampere and the new clinics in Helsinki and Jyväskylä, Ovumia will have the possibility to further increase its clientele as the national social welware and health care reform in Finland comes into effect in 2020 (source: Government of Finland, Communications Department). Please see appendix for additional information on the reform. 

As a result of the integration Fertinova clinics will adopt Ovumia’s treatment and service processes and protocols as well as the operative processes and technology developed by Ovumia. Fertinova’s consumer brand shall be maintained due the fact that the previous owner has made investments for over a million euros for the brand and its consumer recogonizition. Ovumia will use both Ovumia and Fertinova brands simultaneously and will brand the clinics ‘Ovumia Fertinova Clinics’ for future operations.

Ovumia has screened a wide array of new M&A targets in Europe during the past six years. The company aims at another M&A during the latter part of 2018 followed by 1-3 acquisitions in the near future with which the company’s sales would increase to 34M€. In the future Ovumia’s service processes for international customers as well as techniques and processes used in the fertility lab will be introduced to all new acquired units/clinics during and for integration purposes and service modelling. This applies especially to lab processes and techniques related to embryo screening, diagnostics and culturing, as well as egg bank operations and DNA diagnostics. Furthermore, the management and patient administration system developed by Ovumia will be integrated thus increasing the performance of any acquired unit and facilitating the integration process through Ovumia’s expertise in fertility treatments. The company also explores growth opportunities in cooperation with other industrial players.

Ovumia's parent company is Estonian fertility clinic Nova Vita Kliinik AS (business code 10285009). Ovumia has two 100% owned subsidiaries (Anna Clinics Ltd, business code 2270561-8 and Oy Anna Clinic International Ltd, business code 2259532-4) that can be used as an SPV (‘special purpose vehicle’) for expansion plans of the company. 

Ovumia pursues to accumulate 1,0 - 2,4M€ of funding to execute its M&A based growth plan in which customer service and laboratory methods and techniques developed by Ovumia are introduced to the new units. The company has estimated that with the help of the upcoming share issue as well as working capital and loan funding the company can execute a new M&A during the latter half of 2018 after which the funding for new acquisitions will be arranged primarily with the company’s working capital and bank loans.   

Ovumia’s strategy is described below and the following links will provide more information on fertility treatments:

1) Modern fertility treatments (IVF, ICSI, FET) are effective. 2.10.2016 Pekka Sillanaukee, Johanna Aaltonen, Kirsi Kananen. http://ovumia.fi/en/blog-en/modern-fertility-treatments-ivf-icsi-fet-are-effective/

2) A new life from deep freeze to parents’ loving arms – Pregnancies via frozen embryo transfers (FET) and egg freezing. 27.8.2016 Pekka Sillanaukee, Kirsi Kananen, Candido Tomas. http://ovumia.fi/en/blog-en/pregnancies-via-frozen-embryo-transfers-fet-and-egg-freezing

3) Finnish egg bank produces excellent pregnancy results.15.8.2016 Kati Pentti, Candido Tomás, Johanna Aaltonen. http://ovumia.fi/en/blog-en/finnish-egg-bank-produces-excellent-pregnancy-results/

4) Mitä alkiot puuhailevat öisin – Suomen ainoa embryoskooppi valvoo Ovumiassa. 10.3.2016 Sari Hakkola. http://ovumia.fi/blog/mitae-alkiot-puuhailevat-oeisin-suomen-ainoa-embryoskooppi-valvoo-ovumiassa/

5) Ennakoiva munasolupakastus mahdollistaa joustavamman perhesuunittelun. 20.11.2016. Mirka Paavilainen. http://ovumia.fi/blog/ennakoiva-munasolupakastus-mahdollistaa-joustavamman-perhesuunnittelun/

Our business & market situation

Ovumia is the leading fertility clinic in Northern Europe. The company is a technology leader in Finland. Over 12 000 babies have been born to our customers. Please watch the story of one of our customers on video (https://youtu.be/OrBUdzV2Osc). Ovumia’s has over 40 skilfull employees who have over 500 years of combined experience in fertility treatments for domestic and international customers.  

The competitive edge of Ovumia is comprised of the following scalable elements:

  • the service process of international customers,
  • in-house management and patient administration system,
  • egg banks utilizing the latest technology and know-how,
  • techniques applied in embryo screening and diagnostics,
  • the experience and procedures related to embryo culturing
  • the ability to grow organically and through mergers and acquisitions.

Ovumia provides excellent and proven customer service. Furthermore, its personnel work as an exceptionally unified and coherent multi-discipline and multi-cultural team thus increasing customer satisfaction and positive treatment results. The above listed competitive advantages will be applied to new M&A targets.

With the help of technologies in developmental biology, embryo screening, DNA diagnostics and egg bank, the company has developed in-house operating policies and processes for its fertility laboratory which have enabled outstanding pregnancy results. During 2013-2017 the company has together with Tekes invested over 2,5M€ to introducing technology and treatment methods for man and woman derived infertility. The development project will be completed in December 2017.

An article in Iltalehti on 4.1.2017 and an episode of Elossa 24h series reported (‘free translation’):

“Aurora is a miracle baby: there are only 80 babies like Aurora in the world – Aurora is the only one in Finland. Aurora's life began after cancer treatments and ovary tissue transplant. Aurora’s mother Sanna came down with aggressive lymphoma in 2009. Cancer treatments shut down Sanna’s ovaries. However, some of Sanna’s ovary tissue was frozen."

Ovumia executed the freezing and de-freezing of the tissue and all the demanding laboratory work related to the fertilization. (source: http://www.iltalehti.fi/tv-ja-leffat/201701022200048313_tw.shtml). The project was conducted in cooperation with Pirkanmaa Hospital District.  

Ovumia is the second largest fertility clinic in Finland and the only chain of clinics concentrated only on treating infertility. Ovumia's market share of private fertility treatments is about 20% (source: Ovumia's own estimation). Ovumia is the market leader in donor egg treatments in Finland with a 70% share of the market. Ovumia, as the only clinic in Finland, executes all donor egg treatments directly from the egg bank which significantly expedites the treatment process and provides the customer with more treatment options. The main competitors of Ovumia are Mehiläinen (nationwide) and Dextra (in Helsinki). Through corporate acquisitions Ovumia pursues significant growth in Helsinki metropolitan area and above all more international customers.

Ovumia competes with European and North American clinics over international customers who wish to have donor egg treatments and/or utilize latest gene technology in embryo screening and diagnostics. More than 20% of Ovumia’s turnover was generated by international customers and the company aims at increasing the proportion of international customers to over 30% within the next 24 months.

Quality, professionalism, individuality, humanity and open-mindedness are the values which steer any of our operations.

Ovumia’s mission: To bring the joy of having a child to as many people as possible.

Ovumia’s vision: To be the best company in the field of fertility treatments. To generate a turnover of over 34 million euros with 6 Europe-based clinics in 3 different countries in 2023. 

Our team

Our team

All Ovumia Fertinova’s key persons have over 15 years of versatile experience in fertility treatments and developing laboratory operations. Key persons are:

Johanna Aaltonen, M.D., PhD, Clinical Director in Tampere, part of the management team

Candido Tomás, M.D., PhD, Director of Development, part of the management team

Kati Pentti, M.D., PhD, specialist in donor egg treatments

Eija Dorbek, M.D., PhD, Clinical Director in Helsinki

Anna Kivijärvi, M.D., PhD, Clinical Director in Jyväskylä

Kirsi Kananen, PhD, Laboratory Director (ESHRE certified), part of the management team

Peter Bredbacka, R&D Director, PGS/PGD Specialist

Päivi Virta, midwife, Patient Coordinator for international patients

Pekka Sillanaukee, PhD, CEO, part of the management team, founder of the company


Johanna Aaltonen

M.D., PhD, Clinical Director in Tampere, part of the management team

Johanna Aaltonen, PhD, Clinical Director in Tampere, part of the management team. Specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology, & reproductive medicine. A variety of scientific publications on for instance the molecular genetics of APECED and oocyte factors of eggs. Special areas of knowledge: reproductive genetics and official regulations (law on fertility treatments and human tissue). In Ovumia since 2011.


Candido Tomás

M.D., PhD, Director of Development, part of the management team

Candido Tomás, M.D., PhD, Director of Development, part of the management team. Specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology and gynaecological endocrinology. Scientific publications on fertility treatments. A variety of research on for instance transferring one embryo, antagonist treatments and frozen embryos. Specialist in management and medical record systems. International customers. In Ovumia since 2014 and in Fertinova since 1993.


Kirsi Kananen

PhD, Laboratory Director, member of the management team

Kirsi Kananen, PhD, Laboratory Director, member of the management team. Specialist in reproductive biology and embryo technology (ESHRE certified). Additional expertise: legistlation (national act on fertility treatments, human tissue directive), quality systems. In Ovumia since 2007.


Peter Bredbacka

R&D Director, PGS/PGD Specialist

Peter Bredbacka, Development Manager, PGS/PGD Specialist. Director of DNA laboratory at the Finnish Animal Breeding Association FABA 1995-2000. Development Manager at Finnzymes (developing DNA tests and services and research on new DNA sequencing (NGS) methods. 2000-2012. Specialist fields: embryo diagnostics, reproductive molecular biology, DNA diagnostics, genetics and technology development. In Ovumia since 2012.


Päivi Virta

Midwife, International patient Coordinator 

Päivi Virta, midwife, International patient Coordinator. Specialist in donor egg treatments for international customers. In Ovumia since 2015. In the field since 1993: Fertinova, AVA Suomi, Ava Klinikka Tampere, Ava Riga, Ava Peter.


Pekka Sillanaukee

PhD, Chairman, part of the management team, co-founder of the company

Pekka Sillanaukee, PhD, assistant professor of medical biochemistry (docent), Chairman of the Board, part of the management team, founder of the company; management, growth and marketing of Ovumia. Docent of medical biochemistry at the University of Tampere, a variety of publications and patents. Specialized in developing laboratory processes, growth and internationalization of technology driven companies, and mergers and acquisitions.


Eija Dorbek

M.D., PhD, Clinical Director in Helsinki

Eija Dorbek, M.D., PhD, Clinical Director in Helsinki. Specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology. Specialist fields: international customers and hysteroscopy. In Fertinova since 2014. Previously at the central hospital of Central Ostrobothnia 2006-2013 (infertility examinations and treatments).


Anna Kivijärvi

M.D., Clinical Director in Jyväskylä

Anna Kivijärvi, M.D., Clinical Director in Jyväskylä. Specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology. In Fertinova since 1996. Specialist fields: infertility examinations and treatments.


Kati Pentti

M.D., PhD, fertility treatments and donor egg treatments

Kati Pentti, M.D., PhD, specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology and gynaecological endocrinology. Donor egg treatments and international customers. In Ovumia since 2015 (Ava Clinic Tampere and Fertinova since 2009).