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Leading niche e-commerce store from niche to mass!

A leading niche concept in e-commerce, featuring top global shoe, clothing and accessory brands. Invest now to scale up from 'niche to mass'. We target a 100% sales increase in 2019 and have identified a gap in our market ready to be explored.

Our story

Terrace.se was founded in 2007 by Niclas Rodin, on behalf of Scandinavia's biggest football club. The idea was that Terrace would provide increased revenue during the off-season and stock fashion styles popular with football supporters. Since 2007, Terrace has generated lots of interest, with large numbers of followers on social media and steadily increasing sales.

In 2010, private investors bought terrace.se and we began the process of digitalizing our business and developing our brand concept with long-term strategies. Our goal is to represent the world's biggest shoe, clothing and accessory brands and become the leading name in our niche.

By 2016 we had established ourselves as a niche concept and embarked on a three-year plan to take us from offline to online business in several markets in order to go from ‘good to great’.

We see a clear gap between sports, outdoor and fashion brands, which we’ve dubbed fashionable sportswear. Imagine mixing Adidas Originals shoes, a Patagonia sweater and an Aquascutum jacket. This is how we see our range appealing to an even bigger audience.

In 2018, we plan to raise the capital needed to implement further investments, which will take place throughout 2018 and 2019. By the end of 2019, our goal is to become the leading online retailer of clothing, shoes and accessories in the niche between sports, outdoors and fashion.


Our business & market situation

Terrace represents some of the world's biggest sports and outdoor brands. The segment we are expanding within is a semi-closed market with clear market entry barriers. Establishing a concept like Terrace takes time and requires major investment. To represent top brands requires a strong established concept, long-term investment, proven industry experience and a physical store that we call a showroom. The advantage of passing through these barriers is that competitors will find it harder now to enter the market with the same concept. In the last 12 months we’ve seen that leading brands are working more with their distribution strategies and weak, price driven concepts are being denied, which benefits our business.

Unlike many of our competitors, Terrace participates in limited edition product releases and we showcase special collections from many brands. These collections are only sold to highly credible concepts and not via mass distribution, in chain stores for example. Terrace is an established influencer, which has given us large numbers of followers on social media. These followers have been successfully converted into customers at very low cost. Global brand Henri Lloyd’s official Instagram account has 10k followers. As of April 2018, Terrace has 24,8k followers!

The relationship between Terrace and our customers is like that of a star and a fan. We have loyal customers who don’t just by our products but also the way we communicate our concept. We see that our brands, limited releases and campaigns are tagged, discussed and shared on social media and other forums by influencers. For our customers, shopping at Terrace is a guarantee of finding the best styles and trends from best brands.

We’ve also developed our own collections in collaboration with suppliers. Within the company we have the experience and expertise to produce textile products – an opportunity we’re assessing for the future.

The typical Terrace customer is 18-45 years old, from a large city with a keen interest in fashion and lifestyles such as sports, vehicles, traveling and adventures through out the world.

In 2017*, e-commerce in Sweden reached 67 billion SEK - an increase of 17%. At present, online shopping accounts for just 9% of the total retail trade, but 80% of the growth in retail is through online shopping. If e-commerce continues to develop at the same rate, in five years it will have doubled. Clothing and shoes account for the largest percentage of online purchases – 37% of total e-commerce (source: Postnord yearly summary E-barometern 2017)

Terrace represents an investment in a niche supplier, scaling up in a growing market with a highly sort after brand portfolio. We have the goal, and the vision, to become the leading clothes, shoes and accessories online retailer within sports, outdoor and fashion  - Fashionable Sportswear online.


Our team

Our team

The driving force behind our online investment comes from our partners, who are all passionate about the styles we represent. Our original founders and part owners are actively involved in the business and the team running our daily operations has extensive experienced in retail, finance, digital marketing and e-commerce. Above all we’re passionate about the products we purchase and sell on a daily basis.

Below you’ll find pictures of the team, alongside names and a short presentation.


Niclas Rodin

Chairman of the board

Founder of Terrace in 2007 as part of the NGM-listed football club AIK Fotball and from 2007-2009 as consultant. Niclas holds a +20 years experience within retail both as a reseller/retailer and as a brand owner. Apart from retailbusiness Niclas has been involved and founded many different projects such as management company sportyard.com, invested in different real estate projects and latest acted as a CEO for Swedish outdoor brand.


Daniel Andersson


With a father acting as a salesmen for Wolsey it was natural for Daniel to work with retail and later on study retail at a Swedish retail academy. Before joining Terrace in 2007 Daniel run several Intersportstores as a store manager. Earlier Daniel acted as the store manager but after Terrace passed 30 brands the focus has been in buying and building The Terrace assortment and relations towards suppliers even stronger. Daniel joins the store staff for a day or two per week to keep up with trends.


Sahand Sharazi

Purchasing Manager

Sahand joined the the Terrace as partner in 2017. Raised in Borås, the textile capital of Sweden, he started his carrier within the fashion industry in 2010. Started off in production and later moved on to wholesale where he worked as a supplier (Aquascutum) to the Terrace for five years. With his experience from the supplier side of our business, a bachelors degree in international business and his genuine passion for the Terrace, Sahand felt like the perfect fit to help increase our brand range and our overall business.


Patrik Nygård

Online marketing

Patrik's rock solid background in digital marketing and e-commerce comes from over 10 years in the industry and doing everything from hands-on execution to strategic consulting. Patrik has an extensive international experience and a large contact network throughout the Europe and especially within the Nordics. In addition to boosting Terrace's digital marketing and e-commerce he is currently serving as the Managing Director for a fast-growing digital marketing agency.


Anssi Peltokangas

Online marketing/Business development

With over 10 years in digital marketing, business development and sales, Anssi has a proven track record of delivering results. He has been working with many leading businesses ranging from huge multinationals to best-performing e-commerce players which has led to a profound understanding of digital business. Anssi is also the founder of one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in the Nordics. He teams up with Patrik in supercharging Terrace’s digital marketing and e-commerce.



Mikael Hagman


Mikael has an extensive CEO background within consumer goods and retail from CEO for companies like Sony Sweden and Media Markt Sweden. He currently serves as an independent investor/advisor and board member to public and private companies in the Nordics and has in 2015 founded vitvaruexperten.com (sold to Bygghemma in 2018). Mikael was in the board for AIK Fotboll AB when AIK invested in the Terrace project.



Tomas Lundquist


Tomas has acted in several projects as an private investor and latest as a CFO and investor in Mountainworks. Tomas is educated within law and finance and has experience from investments for the past 20 years. In 2017 Tomas investes in Terrace and takes a part as advisor for the Terrace within finance, investment, valuation, shareholderstructure etc.


Johan Andersson

Store manager

Johan is in charge of the daily store operations and has a long experience from retail, Johan has runned his own store and holds the perfect knowledge and feeling for all sides of running a retailoperation as one in the floorteam as well as being a partowner. Johan has been with Terrace since 2013 and on his spare time he runs a business in coaching people to a healthier lifestyle mainly through training.