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Sharetribe helps entrepreneurs and organizations create their own sharing economy platforms (like Airbnb or Uber) quickly and with a low budget. Our mission is to democratize the sharing economy by making platform technology accessible to everyone.

Our story

The sharing economy brings about many benefits: the things we own are used more efficiently, we can connect with others in our community, and we get extra income while doing so. Unfortunately, in the recent years, we have also seen problems arise from the sharing economy.

Today, the sharing economy is dominated by a handful of global giants like Airbnb and Uber. They have come up with tremendous innovations, but have also caused detrimental effects on society. People working through these platforms are often put in a precarious position, with no health insurance or social benefits, and are often at the mercy of the platforms who dictate the rules of their work and take a large cut of their income. Most of the platform fees go to the pockets of a small group of wealthy owners instead of flowing back into the local communities. In some cases, these platforms have also acted disrespectfully towards local legislation in order to maximize the speed of expansion and revenue growth. The startup world loves "disruption", but we feel the end result of disruption is not always positive

We want to create a better sharing economy; one where society gets the benefits of this new economy while distributing the value (i.e. profits) more evenly, placing it back into the local communities. By making marketplace technology accessible for everyone, we offer people a choice: if they are not happy with the rules or policies of a particular platform, they can simply vote with their feet and create their own platform instead.

We are working towards a future with thousands of thriving local sharing economy platforms, owned by small and medium-size businesses, social enterprises, co-operatives, non-profits, and cities.

Soon we are launching a public funding round on Invesdor's platform. To get notified of the launch of the funding round, click Like on this pitch and receive a notification instantly when we open the round to public.