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Automated moisture monitoring system will ensure that your house will stay in a good condition.

Our story


Our business & market situation

Moisture, which fast develops into mold, is one of the largest single factors creating serious health issues, and causing high extra costs for real estate/property owners both in public and private sector. Today 1/3 of the buildings in Finland will suffer moisture problems at some point of their life cycle (see data and details about moisture and molding problems (in Finnish):
http://web.eduskunta.fi/dman/Document.phx/~public/Katsaukset/Tarkastusvaliokunta_mietinto?folderId=~public%2FKatsaukset&cmd=download), and this further creates massive issues in health and extra costs for various companies and individuals. These health problems could be avoided, and costs decreased radically, if only early reaction to these problems was possible. But so far there has been no cost-efficient, automated solution for this - until now.

Kosteusnuuskija, Moisture Sniffer, is new Finnish innovation that sensors the moisture inside the building materials, and enables constant, cost-efficient and automated monitoring of the moisture levels. This, again, enables the fast actions to prevent the mold and bacteria growth, diminishing the health problems and decreasing the additional expenses caused by the moisture and mold. Therefore, our aim in RF SensIT is to save people from suffering these unnecessary health problems, and decrease the expenses and time that’s used to repair the damages caused by moisture in the building. Now also you can join this Moisture Sniffer’s success story and be part of company’s future growth!

Benefits of Moisture Sniffer

  • Health problems caused by moisture and mold can be avoided.
  • Direct and indirect costs caused by moisture and mold decrease radically.
  • Improves the environment in large scale when there are less moisture problems overall.
  • Properties will keep and even raise their value when the moisture  values can be monitored continuously without any additional work, and the possible problems can be taken care of early enough. This is especially important when the property is sold.
  • Ensures the quality of new buildings and renovation projects. Monitors buildings also in construction phase, and predicts appropriate lifetime of the materials.
  • Prevents the spreading of the mold/moisture in already infected buildings by constant monitoring the situation.
  • Reveals the structural problems, e.g. design failures.
  • Automated, cost-efficient, and easy to install and use. Fits well both for private and public sector, for individual and company needs.

Company details, goals & potential

RF SensIT Oy was founded in 2012, and it owns the rights of the Moisture Sniffer (Kosteusnuuskija). The system is based on a long Aalto-University project co.?partnering VTT, Helsinki city, Espoo city, Finnish hi-tech companies and?many researchers with different backgrounds.

RF SensIT’s goal is to gain rapid market growth first in Finland and then international. Especially North-Europe and other Northern countries are potential markets. At the moment there is no similar service or product available anywhere in the world.

The company offers both sensor devices and installation service, including monitoring and data storage. There is also a database available for self-monitoring the moisture data. The aim is to build a scalable service concept around the product to provide an additional value for the clients and re-sellers.

A system with a base station and two sensor devices (8 measurement points) costs?about 800 € (including VAT) - saving 100 000 € or much more in preventing the damages of moisture causing for the buildings and people.

Our team

Our team

Moisture sniffer has been developed together with Aalto university, VTT Technical Research Center of Finland, and various Finnish technology companies. In addition to Mika Mäkitalo (http://www.linkedin.com/pub/mika-makitalo/18/a0a/504) there are two technology experts with a long professional record and pre- doctors degrees in the team, as well as an experienced business person working as a Head of Sales and Marketing. Moreover, there are skilled sales and installation persons in company’s use to ensure rapid market entry and scalable concept development.