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BOOM Watches - Coming Soon!

This is a preview of an upcoming funding round

Boom Watch Company has developed a modular fashion watch that allows consumers to create their own unique watch. Simply change one or more parts of the watch according to occasion or mood to suit your individual taste and style.

Our story

Over his many years of success in the fashion watch industry, Niklas Dahlgren has developed a deep knowledge of the industry and has increasingly come to realize that to remain successful the industry needs to adjust to the demands of today. In particular, today’s modern world calls for more choices!

Niklas has envisioned the next generation of watches to address modern needs, featuring a modular adaptable design that the wearer can customize to suit any occasion – allowing for an easy transition from everyday wear, to sports and even formal gatherings and allowing the wearer to complete their intended look or to create a bold statement to express their own personality as an individual, as opposed to just being part of a demographic.

In this age of increasing digitalization, it was only natural that it was also time to digitalize one of the most traditional industries, namely the watch industry, by offering a new consumer-friendly product, developed from a consumer perspective! And to go with this explosive new idea, he wanted a powerful name that’s easy to remember. Hence, BOOM Watches was born, with the name BOOM reflecting our brand value: a Brand Of Open Minds!

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