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anonymous 11 days ago

Hello. Your business concept looks really interesting and I can see the potential there. I have two questions:

  1. You are showing some pretty aggressive quarterly sales growth figures; roughly tripling the quarterly sales in 2019 and then again doubling them in 2020. So far it seems that vast majority of your sales have come from Finland. I would assume that in order to hit your sales targets you will have to crack the foreign markets. What is your sales and marketing plan for 2019-2020, what markets are you targeting and do you have something in the pipeline already to justify the H1 2019 growth?

  2. Without knowing too much of this market, I would assume that there are other players who can offer similar services to yours. What is your USP, what differentiates you from the completion and ultimately how do you plan to keep yourself competitive? Is it the lower price point or superior product suite or something else; or a combination of those?

Thanks in advance. Best regards. Joni Sairanen TidalStone London - UK

InsightsAtlas (Liilak Oy)
11 days ago

Thank you, both excellent questions.

  1. Correct, so far majority of sales has come from Finland but some also from abroad (10-30 %). The biggest (and most likely the only) thing hindering our growth lately has been the lack of sufficient salesforce. We have a strong pipeline (>12M€) as well as more open customer negotiations and leads coming in than we can currently process. We are in desperate need of more sales people. Once we’re fully staffed, the projected growth is realistic according to our history and the amount of qualified leads and open cases in the pipeline. During 2019, we will increase sales and marketing efforts especially in the Swedish and Danish markets where there are a great number of B2C brands/potential clients in our target verticals. In 2020, we will expand the efforts (at least) to a couple of other large nearby markets in Northern Europe (Norway, UK, Ireland, Germany). We have actually begun our inbound marketing efforts towards these markets in 2018 and we can already see some great interest and traction. At the moment, the lack of the sales people is the only reason why we can’t advance these cases further efficiently enough. The funding round will fix the issue. In addition, opening of the online sales channel as described on Invesdor, will have a positive effect on sales growth, particularly from 2020 onwards.

  2. Short answer: most importantly, superior product suite. Long answer: Due to the rapid development of the market just in the recent years, majority of players haven’t been able to renew their existing products from the ground up and thus still rely purely on computer algorithms in their analysis approach. This technique, however, is severely outdated (for example, just because of the fact that pictures and video clips have taken over the conversations online and they can’t be analyzed to the required extent by using algorithms only. Most of the time, the backbone of analysis is sentiment analysis. With purely algorithmic approach, sentiment analysis can’t be applied to pictures and videos basically at all!). So, there is a strong pull effect and demand coming from clients and the market, forcing suppliers to offer a lot more accurate and better quality analysis in the future. The current market offering is not even nearly enough to fulfill the needs of today’s businesses (as the importance and significance of social media and online conversations from business perspective has recently drastically increased in various industries). On a high level, our most important USPs are the unique methods in how and the extent to which human intelligence is being used as a seamless part of the analysis process (and the exceptional accuracy and quality we are able to offer as a result). Also, the way we use the results produced by human analysts to improve our own algorithms (and AI) now and in the future can be considered as a USP. There are a few other players on the market too who apply human analysis to their analysis process. However, this is often on a lot smaller scale than our method, i.e. just having a couple of humans check and amend afterwards some of the bad results that their algorithms have produced. An approach that is not enough to attain the level of quality and accuracy that is being required. There are also some players that perform human analysis as a project based solution, case by case. However, this can be super costly and they have not automated nor mass-customized the use of humans in the analysis loop the way we have. The project based approach obviously prevents efficient scaling of business. Over time, our algorithms too will evolve and possibly become a lot superior than those of others. This is because our algorithms can be taught based on the accurate feedback coming from those millions of analysts we utilize, instead of having a handful of coders decide how algorithms operate. Latter being the traditional and predominant development approach on the market, whereas our way is more efficient and definitely more effective (in addition, economies of scale applies), creating long-lasting technological advantage. This, and a few other things, ensure that will remain competitive.

anonymous 9 days ago

Thank you for a clear and comprehensive answer. Regards, Joni.

Hasse 3000 13 days ago

At a risk scale from 1 to 6, how would you rate this investment (ca450€)for 140 shares? I see posibilities but i´m not convinced that IA will be the winner in this global game.Good luck anyway

InsightsAtlas (Liilak Oy)
13 days ago

First of all, thank you. I believe we need to try and make our own luck. There are various battles being fought on the market. Things aren’t as simple as they may seem at first sight. We most certainly intend to win the battles we're choosing to fight. We believe we even have a good chance to do so. The risk question is a good one but also an extremely challenging one to answer on behalf of someone else, particularly on a strict scale. (Neither would people in the legal department be thrilled if I tried to.) Everybody has their own personal risk levels they can tolerate and the willingness to take risks varies greatly in general. There's always a risk present in startup investments, there’s no doubt about that. That being said, we, the company founders, believe so strongly in our business that we have invested and are investing everything we've got in it. The company has also lowered the risk for the investors by offering them/you a rare chance to acquire the preferred B-shares that would enable a decent payback even in a scenario where the company wouldn't succeed as well as we intend to. However, if we did succeed as planned, the payback could be opulent. Best, Jarkko J. / CEO & Founder

KooKoskinen 20 days ago

Hi, You refer to mass human intelligence and write "InsightsAtlas Social AI automates the use of millions of native in-market human analysts as part of the analytics process integrated with machine algorithms. At the same time, it takes advantage of each action and conclusion made by those analysts and uses the information to teach algorithms to constantly become better." How are you going to get those analysts (millions!), what kind of and how reliable analysts are they and why would they contribute you?

InsightsAtlas (Liilak Oy)
20 days ago

Thank you for an excellent question! Due to trade secrets, I can’t go too much into details here. However, I try to give some answers that are hopefully satisfactory. We already have millions of human analysts at our disposal, scattered all around the world and available almost whenever needed, wherever needed. They speak various languages, dialects and, for example, understand local idiosyncrasies and cultural differences to great detail. So, this part is something that has already been completed and is fully under operation. We utilize primarily carefully selected networks and communities that specialize in such analysis that is being required by us. Typically, we do not maintain or recruit the networks or communities ourselves. This is being done by our partners whose area of special expertise it is. All the analysts go through detailed screening and scrutiny before and during their work for InsightsAtlas as well as constant quality control that is essential to maintain the high quality according to InsightsAtlas standards. There are also smart mechanisms in place ensuring that the analysts’ opinions are representative and thus comparable to the opinion of the big audience. In this way, our analysis quality fulfills even the strictest demands set for various research criteria. The analysts get compensated monetarily according to the work amount and results they have completed. If they don’t perform well, we simply won’t use them anymore. However, this rarely happens as a result of the quality assurance. Many analysts actually evolve to specialize themselves in certain industry’s and/or client’s field of business and become highly skillful at it! All the above mentioned ensures that the analysts and their work is extremely reliable. Even better, the entire process has been fully embedded into our service plans and pricing so that our clients don’t need to worry what’s happening behind the curtains. Of course, if they wish to do so, they have the opportunity to affect the details. Best, Jarkko J. / CEO

anonymous 22 days ago

My English so bad ,but in Finish Todella hyvä ja perusteellinen esitys yhtiöstä ja markkinasta. Vielä kertauksena ja tarkennuksena kysymykset. 1.Kun rahoitus kunnossa,markkinoiden kasvun mukana yhtiön kannattavan kasvun aikataulu?. 2.Yhtiön myynti tai listautuminen tapa ja aikataulu?.

InsightsAtlas (Liilak Oy)
22 days ago

Kiitos hyvistä kysymyksistä (suomi käy oikein hyvin). Mukava myös kuulla, että olemme onnistuneet esittämään asiat selkeästi. 1. Kun rahoitus on kunnossa, niin esitettyjen ennusteiden mukaisesti sekä suunniteltujen myynti- ja markkinointi-investointien valossa liiketoiminnan kassavirta muuttuu positiiviseksi vuoden 2020 jälkimmäisellä puoliskolla. Vuonna 2021 tehdään jo hyvin tulosta. Kannattavuuden ja nopean kasvun välillä tasapainoilu on aina melko haastavaa SaaS-busineksessa, sillä voimakas kasvu edellyttää tyypillisesti vahvoja etukäteisinvestointeja myyntiin ja markkinointiin. Tämä taasen heikentää kannattavuutta lyhyellä aikavälillä, mutta mahdollistaa merkittävästi paremman tuloksenteon tulevaisuudessa sekä kasvattaa myös tehokkaasti yrityksen arvoa, kunhan vain numerot ovat kohdallaan (esim. asiakashankintakustannuksen ja asiakkuuden elinkaarituoton suhde). 2. Realistinen aikataulu Exit:ille on arviolta aikaisintaan noin 2-3 vuoden kuluttua. Kaikkia vaihtoehtoja ei voi tässä puolijulkisesti kovin yksityiskohtaisella tasolla käydä läpi, mutta alalla tapahtuu jatkuvasti yritysostoja joko isompien kilpailijoiden/kumppaneiden tai sellaisten tahojen toimesta, joiden kanssa analytiikkaliiketoiminnassa on muita selkeitä synergioita. Yleisesti ottaen analytiikkapalveluiden kysynnän kasvu on voimakas trendi joka puolella maailmaa strukturoimattoman datan määrän jatkuvasti kasvaessa, mikä ei ole yhtiön kannalta ollenkaan huono asia ja antaa lukuisia vaihtoehtoja. Listautuminen on myös täysin mahdollista. Sen vaihtoehdon toteutumiseen vaikuttanee yhtiön oman liiketoiminnan kehittymisvauhdin lisäksi eniten yleisen globaalin taloustilanteen kehittyminen sekä listautumismarkkinan tilanne itsessään. Pyrimme parhaamme mukaan pitämään kaikki ovet avoinna tässä vaiheessa. Yst, Jarkko J. / Toimitusjohtaja