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This is a preview of an upcoming funding round

In collaboration with Nordea

We want to offer the best way to prepare a delicious and healthy meal at home! KomeroFood brings joy and experiences to everyday life in an environmentally-friendly way. By investing in KomeroFood, you will be investing in the future of food.

Our story

It is challenging to keep up a healthy and balanced diet in the midst of busy weekdays. Komero meals are designed to solve this challenge. Preparing a Komero meal feels even relaxing – just like in the cooking programmes. All you need to do is to pour the pre-measured ingredients on the table and start an enjoyable cooking session.

KomeroFood Oy (FI26767656) was established to solve the common problem that is familiar to all families: “What should we eat today?”. Pekka Nuutinen, the founder of KomeroFood, finally got frustrated with this age-old question while doing his grocery shopping. Pekka consulted his friend and contacted top chef Henri Alén, whom he had never met. Then, Pekka gathered a team and KomeroFood was born.

Since KomeroFood was founded, it has already brought joy and relief to the everyday lives of tens of thousands of people! KomeroFood offers meal bags that are available in grocery stores for consumers (Komero bags). A Komero bag contains Henri Alén's recipe and all the ingredients for a meal for two or three people. Cooking a Komero bag meal is so easy that even a child can prepare a delicious meal for the entire family. The bags contain just the right amount of ingredients, which means that no food waste is produced.

The company has a strong team, superior products and significant growth potential. Approximately 50% of the current turnover comes from K-food stores (one of the largest Finnish grocery store chains) and 50% from S Group’s stores (one of the largest Finnish grocery store chains). The number of stores selling Komero bags expanded to over hundred stores in 2018. We have optimised our logistics to fulfil the needs of the growing number of stores selling our products. For example, any K-food store can order our Komero bags directly from Kesko (their normal Finnish retailing conglomerate). Therefore, we can fully concentre on sales, marketing and business development.

We are soon launching our funding round to the public at Invesdor. You have now a chance to invest in the future of food! Like this pitch to get automatically notified when our funding round opens to the public!