Livsdal - Coming soon!

Livsdal engineer the world’s most efficient consumer air purifier. An unparalleled performance of certified filters eliminates traffic emissions, viruses, bacteria, toxic molecules, gases and other harmful particles.

  • Air pollution is the world’s largest health problem: 9 out of 10 people worldwide breathe polluted air
  • Livsdal engineer the world’s most efficient consumer air purifier capturing both fine particles and traffic emissions
  • Sold online, at Harrods in London and from selected stores worldwide.
  • Nominated as Life-enhancer of the year in Wallpaper Design Awards 2018 and winner of Red Dot Award 2018
  • With this investment our objective is to create sales momentum in Los Angeles followed by Beijing.






Coming soon!
Consumer products
Solwers - Coming soon!

Solwers is a family business reaching to grow into a full-service company. Planning the structure of built environment needs very special and niche knowledge – and we want to provide it in all divisions.

  • A new, efficient way to offer services in technical consulting – a market with a huge potential
  • The guideline of all operations: Profitable growth, both organically and by systematic acquisitions
  • Additional growth expected from digitalization of monitoring services
  • Company targets to do an IPO within few years time
Coming soon!
Professional and Business Services
PCKT Money - Coming soon!

There are almost 400,000 people in Finland with a payment default. Invest in PCKT and join us on our mission in educating the next generation - today’s children and youth - to be more responsible spenders and economists of their own lives. 

PCKT - bank-independent payment card and a connected mobile app children and youth.

  • Suitable for customers of all banks
  • Easy and safe way to start using own money
  • Children’s own card, that can be used for payments nearly everywhere
  • Parents transfer money to the children’s card with the PCKT mobile app
  • Child learns how to use and save money with their own PCKT Go -app.
  • Invest in PCKT and join us on our mission in educating children and youth to become the economists of their own lives.

Coming soon!