Let's fight the corona crisis together

To support fundraising and investing in the pandemic period, Invesdor has introduced new services and added flexibility to existing ones. Learn more about our response to the coronavirus crisis.

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Now anyone can be an angel investor

Benefit from early growth

Much of a company’s growth is created in the early stages. Get in early and reap the rewards if the company succeeds.

Put your money where your mouth is

Make an impact by funding the companies and teams you believe in.

Join the crowd

You can choose the amount you invest. Many new investors start with hundreds of euros, while some professional business angels invest more.

How it works

Become a registered investor. It’s fast and free.

Select a company from the ones seeking investment.

Invest online with your bank ID, payment cards or invoice.

You’re now a shareholder of a growth company. View your shares anytime in My Holdings.

Cash in your potential profits by selling your shares if the company lists on a marketplace or is acquired.