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My Locum Choice is the 'go-to staffing platform' for the pharmacy sector, having undertook a successful investment round they now look to replicate their model into other healthcare industries
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Congrats to the MLC Optical team who have already started to make bookings in the Optical sector earlier than expected!

Shareholder Update March 2018

Hello everyone,

We have now added our monthly shareholder update for March 2018. Please scroll to the bottom of the page where you will be able...

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My Locum Choice operate in the healthcare sector with an online, transparent platform that allows contractors to source locums (temporary self employed professionals) when they need them easily.

Liiketoiminta- ja markkinatilanne

My Locum Choice is a tech service business working within the Healthcare sector (starting specifically within Pharmacy) to solve the issues around sourcing temporary workforce's.

The company has been trading since late 2014/early 2015, The business has gone from having zero pre market interest to a user base of 1,800+ registered sites and 2,000+ locums. The booking platform services between 10-15% of those pharmacy sites on a recurrent basis. Approximately 40% of the independent pharmacy sites have used My Locum Choice at least once.

Having signed up the 3rd largest retail chain in the UK (Well) we have now been given access to over 750 new sites.

We are also set to sign up the 2nd largest pharmacy chain Lloyds with 1600+ pharmacies.

Products and Services

1- Self Serve Platform

2- Auxillary services (DBS and Training)

3- Locum Hub

4- Advertisement and Product Listing

5- Data Commercialisation

Addressable Market's

1- Pharmacy

2- Optometry

3- Dentistry and Audiology

4- Medical and Nursing

5- Secondary Care (NHS Hospital Trusts)

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Miraj Patel

Founder and CEO, Full Time


Miraj is an experienced member of this profession, he worked as a pharmacist for many years and after achieving everything he possibly wanted he started a new journey creating and running My Locum Choice. In late 2013 Miraj left his full time salaried job to pursue this passion.

Mitesh Shah

Chief Operating Officer, full time


Mitesh , a qualified pharmacist with a talent for photography, videoing and editing is the in house media lead for My Locum Choice. He allocates majority of his days towards strategy, sales, customer service, marketing and general management.

Birju Pujara

Commercial and Financial Director, Part time


Birju has flourished in developing a small start up into a multi-million pound company. His consultancy services to SME’s and specialisms in distribution, commercial & sales strategy, project management and brand building has been a great factor in the growth of My Locum Choice.


My Locum Choice started in 2013 with its MVP platform. The company was created by two experienced pharmacists Miraj and Mitesh.

Over the course of 3 years the team saw amazing feedback being received around their business. From that point onwards they realised the scope to scale and replicate this model into other healthcare sectors. The issue of sourcing quality workers, matched to a contractors preferences and available on the days they need them was an issue across all of healthcare.

In 2017 My Locum Choice undertook crowdfunding with Invesdor so they could obtain the investment needed to grow their business by building a new platform and mobile app as well as increasing their personnel team.

The round took of like wildfire and the team managed to obtain above their investment target. Now they are developing their new system and have already begun to make advances into new healthcare sectors outside of Pharmacy.

The ending to the story would be My Locum Choice utilised in all sectors including the NHS and hospital trust; saving the NHS millions of pounds per year in fees.

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