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The Vino Beano - Coming soon

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The Vino Beano is an alternative wine merchant specialising in bringing fine, artisan made wines, exclusively to the UK market; as well as providing clients with a complete wine experience.

This funding round is not yet active, but it will open soon. The final pitch will contain more information than the preview. All information is subject to change, so do not base your investment decision on the preview version. Hit the like button on the right to be notified when the pitch goes live.


The Vino Beano strives to be the “go to” merchant for wine enthusiasts in the UK, bringing to the market high quality, yet affordable, lovingly produced wines. 

The Vino Beano Limited (Company No. 08545158) is an alternative wine merchant specialising in bringing fine, artisanal wines, exclusively to the UK market, as well as providing clients with the complete wine experience.

Our mission is to make knowledge about the wine industry easily accessible to our customers and increase awareness of independent artisan producers, their products, their traditions and their story – including both their past and their future – to ultimately promote and protect sustainable wine production methods.

Vino Beano has SEIS approval for UK investors.

Our offering is based on four main pillars:

1) Private/Retail Sales

Selling selected fine wines, by the bottle or full case, to private individuals via the e-commerce website, or via the promotional retail unit. 

2) Trade Sales

Selling selected fine wines to bars, restaurants and other catering establishments.

3) Broking/Sourcing Commission

Providing a platform for private buyers/collectors to sell on their wines to our network

4) Experiential wine education: “The VB Experience”

The Vino Beano offers customers the unique opportunity to not just purchase the finest undiscovered wines from around the globe but also, provides them with the chance to learn about the artisan ways in which they are produced, and the wine industry in general. With an educative approach, customers are offered the chance to appreciate the complexity behind each of our wines, the story of their names, the history of their estates and what the producers hope for the future. 

Funds will be used towards the following:

  • Growing our exclusive portfolio of products.
  • Increasing infrastrtcure and therefore reducing man hours.
  • Promoting our business through social media, PR and communications.