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Turtleneck - Coming soon!

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Our mission is to make people's day better with cool, trendy, and practical products. Products that solves people’s everyday problems. Our purpose is to put a smile on people’s face with humor, cool design, and an element of surprise in our products.

This funding round is not yet active, but it will open soon. The final pitch will contain more information than the preview. All information is subject to change, so do not base your investment decision on the preview version. Hit the like button on the right to be notified when the pitch goes live.


Who is Turtleneck?

At Turtleneck, we can’t say that we solve world problems, but we do solve people’s everyday problems. As one of the first fashion-tech accessory brands in Scandinavia, we are passionate about making your everyday hassles just a little less tedious.

We all know that practical and functional are rarely sexy nor good-looking. That’s why we want to create innovative products that not only solves your most irritating everyday problems, they make you look awesome while using them.   

We bring you new and unique products that you’ve never seen before. Products that are cool, funny, and beautiful, but also practical and functional.

Avoid everyday crankiness.

Turtleneck - makes functional look good.


Join our journey!

Turtleneck AS started of as a single product company back in 2013, where Turtleneck® for Earphones solved the well-known everyday problem of tangled earphones. Turtleneck® for Earphones launched through a successful Kickstarter campaign November 2015, and since then we have sold close to 10 000 units in more than 30 countries!

However now we are ready to take the next step, and during 2016, we started on new products that match our overall vision of becoming a leading fashion-tech accessory brand in Europe!

To make this happen, we have come to Invesdor. Obviously this is a money-thing, however we are not chasing Goliath. We are much more interested in having David... and Mary, Steve, Jane, Karl, Peter, and of course YOU on our team.

We strongly believe that you, our co-owners, are critical for the growth of Turtleneck. Ideas are rarely created in a vacuum, and our ambitions is to invite co-owners to contribute in our creative processes on a regular basis. So if you like our concept, and look for a project where you know your voice will be heard, join Turtleneck!

We are going live on Invesdor in only a few weeks. Like us, and we’ll let you know when it happens! 

Can’t wait? You’re more than welcome to email us already now at: [email protected]