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31.260 - 125.000 €
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Tule limonaaditehtaan omistajaksi Ahvenanmaalle!
Amalias Limonadfabrik valmistaa limonaadia perinteisellä tavalla käyttäen raaka-aineena ahvenanmaalaisia ja kotimaisia marjoja ja hedelmi...
Location: Lemland, Finland
32 days to invest
Round secured! 37.840 € invested
23.000 - 80.000 €
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MoovieCloud - Have fun with your videos
MoovieCloud offers users a fun, new feature called Makin’ Moovies which allows you to seamlessly insert your own short video clips into professionally made comical video templates to create a “Moov...
Location: Tampere, Helsinki, Finland
31 days to invest
8.601 € until secured
200.000 - 585.000 €
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360Visualizer Oy
Visualizer helps hoteliers communicate with visuals. The experienced team has secured international customers and is now ready to speed up the international expansion
Location: Espoo, Finland
16 days to invest
51.984 € until secured
150.000 - 250.000 €
Save Radio Helsinki – become an owner now!
Radio Helsinki, ten-time winner of the title Radio of the Year, was saved thanks to the 'Save Radio Helsinki' people's movement. The independent Radio Helsinki has more listeners than ever and is o...
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Round is closed
Round secured! 363.000 € invested
1.494.000 - 2.490.000 €
Ahola Transport - Listautumisanti Aktietorgetiin
Ahola Transport on logistiikkakonserni, joka on toimittanut kuljetuspalveluita 60 vuoden ajan. Ahola Transportilla on käytössään noin 4...
Location: Kokkola, Finland
Round is closed
Round secured! 2.017.858 € invested
100.000 - 300.000 €
Atol Avion Oy
Atol Avion is producing and commercializing the latest version of LSA aircrafts from the heart of Lapland to clients worldwide.
Location: Rovaniemi, Finland
Round is closed
Round secured! 144.000 € invested
400.000 - 800.000 €
Invesdor's expansion to Europe
Invesdor is the first crowdfunding platform with a MiFID-level licence for placing of financial instruments, including crowdfunded equities and bonds. We intend to redefine the European alternative...
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Round is closed
Round secured! 999.935 € invested
75.000 - 200.000 €
Papu Design Oy
Papu is a young and fast growing children´s clothing brand from Finland aiming to gain rapid international success.
Location: Nokia, Finland
Round is closed
Round secured! 116.960 € invested
100.000 - 300.000 €
Cityvarasto – First Step towards First North
Cityvarasto, the largest self storage company in Finland, broadens its shareholder base for future listing on the Nasdaq First North. We offer shares with strong value potential.
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Round is closed
Round secured! 1.008.385 € invested
150.000 - 500.000 €
Bittiraha.fi - Bitcoin services since 2012
Bittiraha.fi has provided trusted Bitcoin services for almost 3 years and is the Finnish market leader. Now it is time to jump to the next level and become one of the leading companies in the whole...
Location: Jyväskylä, Finland
Round is closed
Round secured! 227.203 € invested
60.000 - 240.000 €
Koti-Medi Oy home care, nursing home and hospice
Home care and nursing home businesses are recession proof industries with a secure and steady cash flow. These are now being privatized f...
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Round is closed
Round secured! 60.680 € invested
150.000 - 300.000 €
Tule mukaan Vaasan Sportin yleisöantiin
Miltä tuntuisi seurata Suomen ykköslajia seuran omistajana? Nyt siihen tarjoutuu ainutlaatuinen tilaisuus. Ostamalla palan Vaasan Sporttia, nautit omistajuuden tuomasta tunteesta sekä eduista ja ol...
Location: Vaasa, Finland
Round is closed
Round secured! 246.720 € invested