Livsdal, Världens mest effektiva luftrenare bjuder in nya delägare

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Livsdal – Superior air purification technology

Livsdal engineer the world’s most efficient consumer air purifier. An unparalleled performance of certified filters eliminates traffic emissions, viruses, bacteria, toxic molecules, gases and other harmful particles.

  • Air pollution is the world’s largest health problem: 9 out of 10 people worldwide breathe polluted air
  • Livsdal engineer the world’s most efficient consumer air purifier capturing both fine particles and traffic emissions
  • Sold online, at Harrods in London and from selected stores worldwide.
  • Nominated as Life-enhancer of the year in Wallpaper Design Awards 2018 and winner of Red Dot Award 2018
  • With this investment our objective is to create sales momentum in Los Angeles followed by Beijing.
8 Dagar kvar
1 190 000 SEK
3 000 000 SEK
8 000 000 SEK
Solwers – engineering value

Solwers is a growth company looking to change how technical construction consultation is done and reaching to do an IPO within a few years time. Planning the structure of built environment needs very special and niche knowledge – and we want to provide it in all divisions.

  • A new, efficient way to offer services in technical consulting – a market with a huge potential
  • The guideline of all operations: Profitable growth, both organically and by systematic acquisitions
  • Additional growth expected from digitalization of monitoring services
  • Company targets to do an IPO within few years time
  • EBITDA over 2 MEUR in 2018, target EBITDA 2019 over 4,2 MEUR
3 Dagar kvar
1 045 860 EUR
1 000 000 EUR
2 000 000 EUR
Professionella och företagstjänster
Fuel the growth for iconic brands Nanso and Vogue

Our iconic brands have been renewed in a fresh and modern way. We have excellent prospects to grow our sales and our bold vision is to double our sales by 2023. Join us and fuel the growth for Nanso and Vogue brands!

  • Our company was founded in 1921 in Nokia, Finland and we still have 100% Finnish ownership
  • Our net sales in 2018 was approximately 17,9 MEUR
  • Nanso Group Oy, the company behind the brands, has also been completely renewed over the past 3 years: we have successfully implemented a fundamental change from a traditional clothing manufacturer into a modern brand company.
  • Our vision is to double our sales by 2023 and list the company to the First North -marketplace 
4 Dagar kvar
575 300 EUR
700 000 EUR
2 499 970 EUR
PCKT Money Plc - Let your own money teach you

There are almost 400,000 people in Finland with a payment default. Invest in PCKT and join us on our mission in educating the next generation - today’s children and youth - to be more responsible spenders and economists of their own lives. 

PCKT - bank-independent payment card and a connected mobile app children and youth.

  • Suitable for customers of all banks
  • Easy and safe way to start using own money
  • Children’s own card, that can be used for payments nearly everywhere
  • Parents transfer money to the children’s card with the PCKT mobile app
  • Child learns how to use and save money with their own PCKT Go -app.
  • Invest in PCKT and join us on our mission in educating children and youth to become the economists of their own lives.
10 Dagar kvar
203 121 EUR
400 000 EUR
800 000 EUR
I samarbete med Nordea
POWAU- Coming Soon!

POWAU is a leading “healthy foods and lifestyle” company, which aims to triple its revenue in Finland and to become an international enterprise.

  • Opportunity to invest into a growth company, which is already in the vanguard of it’s trade in Finland and is looking for investors for the second phase of growth.
  • The business has been predicted to reach its break-even level during the summer of 2019 and the goal is to nearly triple the revenue to approximately 10 million euros by 2021.
  • The founding members of the company and the cornerstone investor Sunborn / Saga Group have invested over half a million euros into the company.
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Oceanvolt- Coming Soon!

Oceanvolt manufactures clean and silent electric motors for boating. With this funding round, Oceanvolt wants to scale its production, develop even more environment-friendly innovations and secure its position as a leading company in the industry.

  • Electrification of vehicles is a megatrend and tightening regulations are a strong tailwind for our business. 
  • Oceanvolt has unique patented technologies that make sailing greener and more enjoyable.  
  • The company increased the revenue more than 3 times in 2018 compared to 2017.
  • For 2019, the revenue is budgeted to be over €2,700,000 and the business is estimated to become profitable in 2020.
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Pupu - Coming soon!

Pupu is Finland's first healthy fast casual restaurant chain with seven locations in Helsinki. The business is based on the current food and consumer trends, such as personal health and well-being.

  • After two years of operation 7 restaurants in Helsinki.
  • Employs over 40 people.
  • Plans to open 4 restaurants in 2019 with first restaurant outside Helsinki in Turku and/or Tampere.
  • Preliminarily looking at Nordic expansion starting from Stockholm in 2020. 
  • Revenue growth over threefold during the second fiscal year - 0.6M to 2M€
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Mat och dryck
AlvinOne- Coming Soon!

When it comes to depression, anxiety and sleep deprivation, help is often late. AlvinOne analyses its users’ health and creates a safe channel that connects them with preventive services before illness occurs. Prevention is the best treatment.

  • Health costs are rising at an unsustainable rate. AlvinOne responds to this global challenge cost-efficiently.
  • AlvinOne makes it possible to target well-being services offered by employers to employees automatically according to need, thus ensuring the right people receive the right support in time.
  • The global corporate wellness market is expected to exceed $84,9 billion by 2025.
  • By investing into AlvinOne you can join us on our journey in improving holistic well-being and public health.
  • The goal is to triple the company’s value in three years.
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