Invesdor’s Platform-As-A-Service

Are you looking to digitalize your investment services? Let us help you - become an Invesdor PaaS partner.

Investing is going digital – so should you

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The investment sector is in an ongoing digitalization race. The processes involved in traditional ways of investing are burdensome and slow: filling repeated KYC paper forms, waiting around for information, and handling all the paperwork.

This is why digital investing is growing: the funding raised by digital platforms has been steadily rising over the past five years. At Invesdor, we want to make investing digital, simple and available for everyone. Now we want to work with you to do that for your investor network with our Platform-as-a-Service a.k.a. PaaS.

Why should my company become a PaaS Partner?

Our Platform-as-a-Service is exactly what the name implies. When you become a PaaS Partner, you gain access to a digital platform and its processes, powered by Invesdor, to use for your customers’ fundraising rounds. The main benefits and the competitive edge provided by this co-operation for you and your investors are numerous:


  • A hassle-free experience for your network: your investors can invest anytime and anywhere they like, all they need is an internet access

  • Easy to broaden your network: presenting the investment opportunities to new contacts home and abroad is easy

  • Cost-efficiency: the digital process means there’s less labour-intensive work, and you won’t need to spend resources building your own platform

  • Manage legal and operational risks: we are a MiFID-licensed investment firm – we take care of the legal admin so you can focus on your clients and network

  • We make it work for you: issue any kind of securities you need and customize the platform’s user interface with your company’s branding


We have been digitalizing the investment process since 2012 and we know the possibilities as well as the pitfalls.


Let us show you our platform and answer your questions. We will send a presentation to your email after you submit the contact request form. Contact us and let’s meet to talk more!

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