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Helsinki, Finland
Senast uppdaterad 18 januari 2018
Allas, located next to the Helsinki marketplace, stands in one of the best locations in HKI. This sea pool boasts several saunas, swimming pools and restaurant. It is a one-of-a-kind experience which cannot be found anywhere else in the world!
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Inkomst EBITDA
2016* 822 000 EUR 102 000 EUR

Företag och marknad

Allas is a unique project with no counterpart in Finland, nor in any other country.

Företag och marknad

The concept of Allas Sea Pool is by no means novel, instead it should be considered an updated version of the old historical sea spa culture in Helsinki; a social experience combined with wellness and events. For the people in Helsinki it is a welcomed opportunity to enjoy the closeness of the sea while strengthening Helsinki’s reputation as a spa profiled destination within the travel industry.


  • Floating swimming pools with heated water from the public water supply as well as filtered sea water
  • Warm and cold pools open all year round
  • Sauna and sea view bathing in the city center
  • Latest cleantech energy, heating and water handling solutions
  • Baltic sea –center exhibiting the Baltic sea as well as a winter garden
  • In wintertime, possibilities for sledge riding and other winter activities
  • Cultural events and festivals
  • Instructed sports: swimming classes, water gymnastics, gymnastics, watertryout, yoga and pilates
  • Restaurants with gardens and sea view
  • The Allas Sea Pool is located in the heart of the city amongst the crowd of tourists. Allas is a private enterprise that is in close collaboration with the city of Helsinki.

Business activity sectors:

  • Programme activities and events
  • Restaurants
  • Company services
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Vårt team

Raoul Grünstein

Chairman of the board, business plan, strategy and funding


Raoul is a developer of the culture related business activity and the CEO of the parent company Töölö Urban. He has founded Kulttuuritehdas Korjaamo, Image Kustannus and Image Match.

Timo Metsälä

Acting CEO, Business management


Timo is a real estate entrepreneur who became an Allas owner and a member of the board, during the previous crowdfunding round. He is a real estate entrepreneur and the founder of Verkkoisännöinti and is now one of the largest private owners of the Ovenia -group.

Pekka Pakkanen

Head designer and architect

Pekka is a shareholder of the architectural bureau, Huttunen-Lipasti-Pakkanen, that has been awarded for its wooden designs. He is also the main designer of the Gösta museum in Mänttä and the architect in the winning team for the Helsinki Guggenheim museum.

Vår berättelse

Experience Allas!

Allas Sea Pool, located a stone’s throw away from the Helsinki marketplace, proudly stands in one of the best locations in the city. This sea pool boasts several saunas, swimming pools and restaurant. It is a one-of-a-kind oasis in the middle of the city, the likes of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Allas Sea Pool awakens the soul of the spa culture of olden times when people would gather to discuss, to relax, and to live the good life by the water. Allas also represents urban culture at its best; it´s is full of events and things to do - good modern life right at the shore of the Baltic Sea!

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Finansiering och dokument

Helsinki Allas Oy har ökat 1,93M EUR i 2 finansieringsrunder med en senaste värdering av 3,95M EUR

Datum Belopp
dec, 2016 1 117 600 EUR
nov, 2015 810 800 EUR

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