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Design. Quality. Innovation. Ethical work environment. Finland is known for these values around the world. These are also our company's basic values.

Vår berättelse


VAJA Finland Oy is a new innovative manufacturer of ceramics which offers ceramics product development services and contract manufacturing in addition to its own VAJA Finland brand. Our company intakes all the phases of ceramic manufacturing process. Our goal is to be one of the leading ceramics manufacturers in Finland and we are aiming for the international markets.

VAJA Finland, launched in 2011, has rapidly become one of the most interesting design brands in Finland. As the demand for our products is constantly growing, the capacity of our production line is not sufficient. Hence it is time to begin the serial production of ceramics.

We are looking for new investors to strengthen our production line expansion and creative team. Join us in building the next new Finnish consumer brand, thus continuing the tradition of Marimekko, Artek and Iittala to take Finnish design to the international markets.

As a partner You get to support the growth and development of a Finnish design brand and enjoy the profits of international success. As a partner You will receive an additional 20% discount from our factory outlet and the VAJA Finland online web store which will be opened in fall 2014.


The founders, designer Henna Lamberg and model maker Fred Owren, met while working at the Arabia/ Iittala factory in Helsinki. Soon they discovered that they shared the same passion for high quality, timeless and functional products. At the same time an idea of creating a world class brand was born.

While following the ceramics industry in Finland Lamberg and Owren had a clear image of where the Finnish ceramics industry was heading and how it was losing its fruitful interaction between the designer, product development department and production. Lamberg and Owren saw the situation alarming, and it would lead to the disappearance of the knowhow of ceramics product development as well as the knowhow in ceramics production in Finland. This might lead to the fact that there would be no designing and manufacturing of high quality design ceramics in Finland. And that is what Finland is one of the best in throughout the world! Lamberg and Owren decided to act upon this.

To uphold the knowhow and make their dream come true of their own product line Lamberg and Owren began to design and produce the first items of their designs. The work space was renovated into their own back yard, into a wooden shed. Here began the research and development of the ceramics and production was launched. It was clear right from the start that production was to be carried out by themselves and in Finland in order to guarantee high quality products. Against contemporary trends, the production will be implemented in their own factory. This secures the ethical production and guarantees the high quality for the product.

VAJA Finland

VAJA Finland is a Finnish brand founded in 2011. VAJA Finland products are known internationally and the products are a trademark of high quality Finnish design. The products have been created in cooperation of a designer and a model maker in respect for beautiful and refined tableware.

VAJA Finland ceramics are designed for a modern home, in all occasions. They are high quality tableware whose design language is timeless and the lifespan long. The production line includes tableware like jars, cups and pitchers at the moment. The product line is constantly growing with new tableware and interior design products. New additions in fall 2014 are a bigger jar, creamer and Christmas ornaments. A line of lamps is also in process. The product line is supplemented with VAJA Finland products made of fabric and wood.

The leading designers of VAJA Finland are Fred Owren and Henna Lamberg. The material is high quality vitroeus porcelain and transparent glaze. All the products can be used as tableware and they can be used in an oven, microwave oven and a dishwasher.

VAJA Finland is also known for its high quality product development services. In addition to our own brand we offer high quality product development services to different industries and known designers.

Vår affärs- och marknadssituation


VAJA Finland was launched at the DMY International Design Festival 2011 in Berlin. The interest toward our products was surprisingly vast. The Habitare fair in 2012 strengthened our conception of VAJA Finland’s possible success both in Finland and internationally. Our products' design and graphic illustrations were noticed and praised during the fair.

Our goal is to begin mass production of the ceramics during fall 2014. There will be a factory outlet store opened alongside the factory itself. VAJA Finland web store will be opened in fall 2014. To support our own sales crew there are sales agents recruited in Japan and the USA, among other countries.


VAJA Finland products aim toward the design and luxury product markets. Interior design of homes in a personal manner has risen to be a leading trend. High end products manufactured with high standards are in great demand.

As our production capacity grows we are able to strengthen our position in our main marketing area and we are able to pursue new markets. We are negotiating with import agents in Japan and Norway at the moment. A web store targeting Russian markets will be opened in fall 2014. VAJA Finland will participate at Design Trade, Copenhagen in August 2014 and also Ambiente Frankfurt in February 2015.

The key concepts of VAJA Finland:

1. Design
2. Quality
3. Ethical and open production chain
4. Genuine and Finnish
5. Price

In support to our own brand VAJA Finland Oy offers product development services and contract manufacturing. Our clients are companies expanding their product line. This includes companies and artists expanding their product lines in interior design and fashion brands among others. In the clients perspective it is in their favor that the research and development and production are situated close to the client and the designers. The best possible result is achieved with cooperation where interaction between the client, the designers, product development and production functions seamlessly throughout the process.

The product development of a ceramic speaker for Unmonday Oy is an example of how our services can function in the important process of innovative product development. In addition to the product development of the speaker core VAJA Finland manufactured the test series of the speaker cores for marketing purposes and presale. www.unmonday.com

VAJA Finland Oy offers high quality contract manufacturing of ceramics. With the expansion we can provide serial manufacturing to our clients. Finnish industrial production is known around the world for its high quality and ethical values. Despite the manufacturing costs in Finland, Finnish products are desired and competitive in international markets.

Vårt team

Vårt team


Our professional team is inspired by the small town life by the sea and the closeness of nature. One can see this in VAJA Finland’s products as a special kind of sensitivity in product design, finishing touch and in the unconditional quality of a handmade product.

The core team has the experience of ceramics industry acquired in Arabia/ Iittala factory in common. We work in a relaxed and positive way and enjoy the challenges the ceramics provide us!

Henna Lamberg

Partner, managing director, designer

Henna Lamberg (born 1974) has graduated as a designer at the Kuopio Muotoiluakatemia in 2004. Lamberg has also studies in fashion design and entrepreneurship. She has worked at Arabia factory’s ornament department and in ornament product development. Lamberg leads our company in an innovative manner. http://fi.linkedin.com/in/hennalamberg/

Fred Owren

Partner, modell maker, designer

Fred Owren (born 1979) has graduated in model making from Formakademin i Lidköping in Sweden. He has specialized in industrially produced ceramics and its research and development while working at the Arabia product development department for 9 years. Owren leads the company’s product development team. http://fi.linkedin.com/in/fredowren/

Min Kyung Jeong

Ceramist, production

Min Kyung Jeong (born 1961) is an expert in ceramic production design and is an important link between product development and production. Jeong has studied at the University of Arts in Seoul, South Korea, and moved to Finland in 1984. Jeong has worked in the ceramics industry with Pentik in 1984-1987 and Arabia in 1988-2014.

Hannu Kaunismäki

Master modell maker, product development

Hannu Kaunismäki (born 1953) is an experienced master model maker and he has worked at Arabia factory product development in 1971-2012. Kaunismäki brings in to our company his valuable experience in the ceramics industry and is part of our product development team together with Owren.

Jan D. Oker-Blom

Oker-Blom acts as a council to VAJA Finland and invests 10.000€ into the company. Oker-Blom acts in the investment business and has experience in finance. He has also been involved in founding many new companies. http://fi.linkedin.com/pub/jan-d-oker-blom/0/29/39a/

Harri Sihvonen

Sihvonen acts as a council to VAJA Finland and invests 10.000€ into the company. Sihvonen has a long experience in international consumer product commerce and in developing import relations.