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Visualizer helps hoteliers communicate with visuals. The experienced team has secured international customers and is now ready to speed up the international expansion

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Visual elements have become the core of today’s communication. Pictures, videos and other visuals are increasingly important for crystalizing the main messages and engaging users/clients in multiple business areas.

Businesses are shifting their communication style to the new standards and hotels are no strangers to this trend. Pictures of the room and the facilities are important to the end user in making a decision about their accommodation during the next holiday or work trip. Consequently, hoteliers need to display images of their amenities in an attractive way and in an easy to browse environment. 

We have created Visualizer to help hotels sell more with images and visuals. We want to give hotels the possibility to take ownership of their visuals and maximize the use of them. The best way to do so and to reach the target customers is to tell a story, involve and engage the customers by showing the unique highlights of the offering. The best path to effective storytelling is through visuals. 

This is why Visualizer was born and where it delivers concrete added value to its customers: hoteliers worldwide. Visualizer is a Content Management System to manage, store, curate, personalize and distribute visuals. It is delivered as SaaS and provides our hotel clients with advanced analytics to understand their customers’ behaviour in detail.

The team behind Visualizer has strong industry experience and relies on a solid entrepreneurship background having founded more than 34 companies and achieved 13 exits. We have identified a need in the market that our technology can satisfy better than any existing solution currently available and we have built a sales oriented organization to roll out the company internationally.

Our vision is to serve the 300 largest hotel chains worldwide and allow them to control in-house their visual information. Following this path we have already secured 300 paying hotel properties and we are now ready to accept new shareholders to boost our growth.

Vår affärs- och marknadssituation

Visualizer is a Content Management System that allows hoteliers to manage, store, curate, personalize and distribute visuals. It is delivered as SaaS and provides our hotel clients with advanced analytics to understand their customers’ behaviour in detail.

Since 2013, we have already secured more than 300 hotel properties in 10 different countries in four continents supporting over 10.000 images. We provide our clients with an innovative way to deliver intelligent interactive images.

Our experienced team has successfully developed a scalable business model and secured the first international clients.

We are the market leader in our industry in the Scandinavian market and we are targeting global reach next. We have identified new target countries for the next step for our expansion and potential partners for sales support in those areas. 

Our market and target customers

The global hotel sales market is worth 500 Bn EUR growing at an annual rate of 4%. The industry is highly competitive and hotels are investing more and more in customer acquisition to increase revenues and not to fall behind in the market. Customer acquisition costs represent a 15% share of the hotel sales, with a market value of over 75 Bn EUR. In this segment, the market for digital image distribution and virtual tours is estimated to about 480 MEUR. 

We aim at competing in that segment by serving hotels worldwide with our SaaS Content Management System. Our core customers are businesses in the travel and hospitality industry. We target hotels with 3 or more stars and multiple room types. 

We have already secured more than 300 customers properties in 10 different countries in four continents supporting over 10.000 images. The system processes over 50.000 visits per month of travellers searching for the best hotel for their trip. 

We have applied our strong expertise in sales and have worked closely with our clients to create the best service in the market. Our initial pilots have converted into actual sales, and the network of our current customers has the potential to reach over 1.000 hotels worldwide. 

We have already secured over 300 paying customer properties including important international chains as:

  • Corinthia
  • Barceló
  • Sokos Hotels
  • Radisson
  • Crowne Plaza
  • Holiday Inn

We have estimated a lifetime of 10 year per customer. This results in a lifetime revenue of over 2 MEUR from our existing customer base. 

Go to market strategy:

Our goal is to target the 300 largest hotel chains in the world with our own sales force. We trust the quality of our sales team and with the current conversion rates we believe it is a realistic goal. Visualizer's strategy is based on cutting edge technology delivering concrete value to the clients and the final users and an aggressive international expansion plan. 

Our main target customers are worldwide hotels with 3+ stars and with multiple room types. We have estimated an accessible market of over 200.000 properties worldwide. Our sales strategy has proven successful with the current customers and we have been developing relevant networks to roll our sales internationally.

Our next step is to establish our positioning in the Scandinavian market and penetrate the UK and Spanish markets. We have already worked on building strong sales networks in the target geographies.

Revenue model

Visualizer’s model is a typical SaaS business model with a monthly fee paid by the hotel and invoiced annually in advance.

Hoteliers can customize their offering and consequently pick among different fees depending on the service level starting from 29 to 199€/ month / hotel property. Hoteliers sustain a project & setup fees that allow us to amortize the customer acquisition and set up cost upfront.

Based on the feedback from our current product offering and the market projections we have estimated a lifetime of 10 years per customer with an expected lifetime value of 20.000 €. 

Vårt team

Vårt team

The core team counts on a collective 53 years of start up experience and 55 of corporate management. Together we have over 46 years of experience in the hospitality industry and 99 in ICT. We have founded over 34 companies and experienced 13 exits.

The balance of corporate and startup experience, the strong knowledge of the industry and the existing networks of the team members are a key asset for the success of the company. The high quality of the team and their full commitment in the company represents an important competitive advantage for Visualizer.


Kimmo Kaitala


Kimmo has over 25 years of experience in executive management, R&D, marketing, and sales of ICT companies. Kimmo began his career as a visiting scientist in the US, researching expert systems, followed by a period of software engineering in PI-Consulting in Finland. He joined Nokia Networks to head an R&D team, then a systems marketing team, a product program and a business program. After a GM role at Nokia, he moved to First Hop as the VP of Product and Service Operations. Since 2008, Kimmo has been a founding partner in a management consulting company, co-founded and led three companies and invested in early stage technology companies. He has also held board positions in a listed company and a number of technology companies. Kimmo holds a MSc(EE) degree from Aalto University (formerly Helsinki University of Technology) and a MBA degree from New York University Stern School of Business. https://fi.linkedin.com/in/kimmokaitala

Markus Kauppinen


Markus’ global career spans over 20 years, with work experience in highly competitive Hospitality and Travel industries, holding key positions in Revenue Management, Pricing, e-Commerce, Distribution and Sales within the industry in Finland and abroad. Markus has a very strong track record of revenue growth that exceeds expectations. The ability to track and analyze patterns both market wide and specific as well as being able to create an environment of success and be a catalyst for positive change. Markus’s core experience is in driving all aspects of Revenue Management and Distribution discipline to maximize revenue, market share and profit contribution, working through field Revenue Management teams. https://fi.linkedin.com/in/mkkauppinen

Joel Hakuli

Co-founder, VP Partner Sales

Joel started his career in Travel industry in the Tour Operator business, managing various positions in Tjäreborg (part of Thomas Cook). Joel was responsible for the web development in the early days of internet expansion and opened the first online booking service in Finnish Tour operator business. After developing the travel booking experiences and seeing the results of how good and interactive images actually effect the sales, Joel started his first company Testure Ltd. Testure´s focus was to produce high quality digital images, both still images and 360 degrees panoramic images. Testure, now under new management, is one of the most respected companies in the field of high quality virtual tours, working globally with the brands that have the highest quality needs like Virgin Group companies, Wimbledon, Marriot, Starwood, and Radisson Blu. In addition to his other roles, Joel also had a key role in sales and consulting the Hotel companies' management on how to handle the needs of the new digital era and the changing customer behaviour. That knowledge is now being used to support Visualizer´s Clients and Sales partners. Joel has 17 years of work experience in travel industry, internet sales, photography and startups. http://fi.linkedin.com/in/joelhakuli

Timo Jantunen


Mr. Timo Jantunen (M.Sc. Tech.) has been nominated as COO of 360Visualizer Ltd as of 1.8.2015. Timo has over 20 years of experience in executive management, product management, sales, and quality management of technology companies, as well as management consulting. He has worked for global giants like Siemens, Nokia Siemens Networks, and Nokia in Finland and in Germany, and also for a boutique management consulting company. Timo’s technology and management experience makes him a valuable addition to the Visualizer team, particularly as we are building an international company. https://www.linkedin.com/pub/timo-jantunen/a/4ab/650

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Macroeconomic and industry risk

An economic downturn could affect the business development and sales process negatively. The hotel industry might be sensitive to reduction of tourist flows for various macroeconomic reasons. We believe we are able to mitigate this risk due to our international approach from day 1. Securing customers in four different continents allows us to diversify our risk and invest more in growing areas if another region shows lower returns.

Company risk

The company bares a business risk linked to the effectiveness of the sales and the quality of the technology platform. We are continuously striving for an increased efficiency in our sales process and technical development.

Investment risk

The investment constitutes a high risk investment in unlisted shares of a growth company. Dilution and loss of all of part of the investment together with other traditional business risks might be taken into account when investing in this asset class.