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CLIMBSTATION 2 – Climbing made for the masses

Our treadmill climbing wall gives the ultimate workout and allows everyone to practice rock climbing without the need for ropes, harnesses, and instructors or fear of falling.

Vår berättelse

Kaarle Vanamo, the inventor, CEO and creative designer of ClimbStation™: 

"I realized there was a demand for climbing sport to be done conveniently without the need for expensive high ceiling space, ropes or group reservation. Conventional climbing walls on the market have high operational costs, are difficult to arrange without an instructor present to ensure safety. With our product, we make the full body workout available in the form of climbing sport with plenty of benefits."

The treadmill based climbing wall was the solution Vanamo started to focus on. This concept allows climbing done in both private and business locations, indoor and even outdoors for sport and entertainment purposes. Customizable software and an interactive display motivate sports enthusiasts by providing feedback such as distance, speed, angle and calories. We have a winning formula combining the right software and hardware in this category of equipment.

ClimbStation has proven itself to be an eye-catching activity which gathers people around it.

The ClimbStation is attracting attention globally. Technology website TechInsider posted a ClimbStation video over the summer and within two weeks the video had gone viral. The video was a hit with over a million views and in just two weeks time we received over 50 order inquiries from across the globe.

ClimbStation is now developing a new and improved climbing wall, the ClimbStation2, with more features at a lower cost to better meet market demand.

Vår affärs- och marknadssituation


Our main target groups are gyms and health clubs. Climbing is a sport proven to improve core, back, arm, and leg muscles while also strengthening coordination and balance. With ClimbStation this sport can be conveniently and efficiently arranged to gym and health clubs.

Based on our experience and user feedback we are currently developing a new product. ClimbStation2 has a new design, it is lighter and faster to produce and therefore it can be serial produced more efficiently than before. 

ClimbStation2 will broader market at a more attractive price. ClimbStation2 also has the benefit of working outdoors. As it is built from lightweight aluminum, it is easier than ever to relocate and set up. The new user interface will be fully adjustable so that it will suit the tastes of kids as well as pro climbers. ClimbStation2 uses climbing movement to power the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (K.E.R.S), thus consuming approximately 90% less energy than earlier product.

Our next step is to increase sales volumes in the following three market segments, which have been identified to have the most growth potential:



Climbstation will focus its efforts on these three segments to gain a foothold in the market and to raise awareness of the Climbstation brand, allowing the expansion into further market segments such as amusement parks, playgrounds, shopping malls, swimming pools, schools and private homes. 


  • Our early series products have been sold to 15 countries and more than 30 different locations including USA, Canada, China, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Russia, Greece, France, Turkey, Italy, India, and Poland. These locations are gyms, malls, climbing locations, theme parks, event providers, even retail stores and private users.

  • When production, marketing, and sales are geared up, we estimate to be profitable by 2017. We expect to sell the first 50 ClimbStation2 units in the first year of its launch. We see the worldwide potential being over 1000 units sold annually
    when targeting the fitness, entertainment, and private user markets.

Vårt team

Vårt team

Kaarle is the visionary behind the company. Finding the best R & D, design, and new innovative solutions in the field of technology are just a small part of what Kaarle does daily. His main talent is listening to market signals and successfully piecing them together into a sellable end result, together with the help of outsourced talent in Finland and abroad. 

On the road to internationalization, Kaarle met Henri Syvänen (previously eg. President of Suunto North America), who has always been interested in sports, technology, and entrepreneurship. Henri became interested in the ClimbStation concept and joined the team as an internationalization advisor for Kaarle. Henri is located in San Diego with strong management, sales, and marketing experience in the field of sports and technology. 

In the summer of 2016, Climbstation’s marketing videos went viral with over 1,3 million viewers. These videos sparked interest and order inquiries from all over the world. It became clear that the company needed help with
communication and the organization of everyday tasks. Joonas Rintamäki, with a background in international sales and marketing, joined the team to do just this. 

Other resources

With a product of Climbstation’s size, the company needs to keep the running costs low before the right scalable product is ready for serial production. Due to this, a large part of the team of professionals behind Climbstation has been outsourced. 

Kaarle Vanamo

The Inventor and CEO

Focus to make sure that all the features are designed to satisfy and surprise the customers positively.


Henri Syvänen

Advisor and Business development focusing on the USA market.

Henri ́s plan is to get ClimbStation 2 to IHRSA exhibition in California and make a big impact on the industry withit. The USA is our most potential market and successin the USA would open doors for ClimbStation grow globally.


Joonas Rintamäki

Sales and Marketing

Joonas is the right person to communicate with ourinternational clients and distributors, providing them with support. Joonas is also helping create our online distributor service channel so that informationand communication can be transferred easier between the manufacturer, salespersons and customers. An ideal salesperson is someone located near the customer, who has the answers fast, is familiar with the product and is able to provide the quality service that Joyride Games Ltd is all about.


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NOTE: The Company has lost its whole share capital. The loss of the share capital has been registered to the PRH on 8.9.2016.

  • Competition: The rotating climbing wall idea can be copied and cannot fully be protected by patents. Climbstation is currently in its own league and significantly ahead of the competition. We are always looking for ways to innovate new features and arranging competitive production and logistics.
  • Financial: If fundraising efforts do not reach the minimum goal, then Climbstation will need to alter the market entry plan. 
  • Risks when manufacturing new: There are always risks when manufacturing new products and parts that are not existing. Some designs may turn out to require re-designing and this would cause both delays and additional costs. Our advantage is that we already have a working product which has sold to several markets and businesses.