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1,000 Projects and Counting


Ever since Invesdor’s beginning in 2012, our journey has been marked by exponential growth and expansion. 12 years and three mergers later, we are happy to launch our 1,000th funding round for Riverrecycle Oy. RiverRecycle as Invesdor’s 1,000th project could not be more suitable; we stand for sustainable growth companies that dare to do things differently. We want to thank our network of investors and entrepreneurs for their contributions and continuous support.

Invesdor's growth journey

Invesdor was founded in 2012 in Helsinki and the first funding rounds are offered in Finland. In 2022 Invesdor Group is formed by a merger of Invesdor, Kapilendo and Finnest. Invesdor Group hereby becomes one of the largest investment and crowdfunding platforms in Europe. In 2023 our focus on sustainable investment opportunities is established with the merger of Oneplanetcrowd.  

Today Invesdor serves all of Europe with offices in Germany, Finland and the Netherlands. We are able to present exciting investment opportunities for investors and raise European capital for companies cross-border thanks to our ECSP license, that we obtained in early 2023. Our network of over 180 000 investors has embraced the opportunity to invest in companies outside of their country of residence. In our recent funding round the Dutch company HalloStroom was funded by 808 investors from 19 countries. 

2024 is off to a good start as we have been honored to announce two new partnerships: the GICA network and Finnish Business Angles Network FiBAN.  

Invesdor has continually pushed boundaries while driving innovation and facilitating growth opportunities for all stakeholders. We believe that profitability and sustainability have synergy effects and complement each other. Read more about our mission and vision.

An assortment of Invesdor success stories 

Invesdor has had several success stories over our 12 years of business and it’s not fair to pick favorites. Here’s an assortment of recent success stories from all of our regions.  

Finnish MedTech company Koite Health raised 1,4 million euro by 380 investors in the October 2023. Koite Health has developed and commercially launched Lumoral, which kills 99.99% of the harmful bacteria in the mouth.  The entire Lumoral treatment process can be done at home and takes less than 15 minutes. Since the market entry in 2020, more than 10,000 Lumorals have been sold and Koite Health has doubled its revenues every year. 

Dutch company HalloStroom raised 2 million euro in a matter of days in March 2024. HalloStroom provides an affordable and hassle-free solution for homeowners to generate and store their own sustainable energy. HalloStroom already leases solar panels to some 13.000 private homeowners and has now started to lease out home battery systems to their customers. The 808 investors signed up for 8.5% interest for a two-year bond duration. 

German fast-casual restaurant chain Beets & Roots GmbH is a true Invesdor alumni with five funding rounds on our platform. In their most recent round in January 2024 Beets & Roots offered equity for the first time and raised 1,5 million euro by 332 investors. 

Austrian company Narzissendorf Zloam offers a holistic & sustainable tourism concept in one of Austria's most beautiful region. One of the special features of the concept is that 100% of the accommodation units have already been sold to private investors and are now being leased back on a long-term basis.197 investors raised 500 000 euro in return of 8% interest of a loan period of 5 years. 

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Invest in our 1000th project: Riverrecycle Oy

RiverRecycle, founded in Helsinki in 2019, combats ocean plastic pollution with financially sustainable solutions. They collect over 3 million kg/year of waste from rivers globally. The collected plastic waste is converted into boards and waste-derived oils, which can be used as construction or raw materials. RiverRecycle generates revenue from CSR sales and plastic credit trading.

Written by: Invesdor

Cecilia Sanmark



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