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Do you want to invest and

  • decide for yourself where your money is working for you?
  • find investment opportunities that are not (yet) listed on the stock market?
  • get returns from great companies  without intermediaries?

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Invest in strong companies

Investing in companies outside the stock market and participating in their success - that's possible! Learn everything you need to know and find exciting investment opportunities.

Get started right away, or first get an overview of the process and opportunities of investing money in companies.

Why investing in companies is smart

  1. You generate your earnings where value is really created: directly within the companies themselves.
  2. It's a win-win situation: you are benefitting from attractive returns and companies can successfully finance their growth.
  3. You select from a variety of projects: whether regional or international, hidden champion or young growth company.
  4. You always decide yourself what you invest in: your knowledge and finesse in selecting investments determines your later returns.

* With us, over 124.000 people have invested more than 320 million euros in more than 515 investment rounds since 2012.

Schlaue Sache: In Unternehmen investieren

What should I look out for,
when investing in companies?

The choice is always yours, all investments rounds are different. Before you decide, familiarise yourself with the potential returns, risks and conditions:

  • We prepare the crucial facts about each investment for you, so you can focus on the details.
  • Fixed interest or equity investments - which type of return are you aiming for?
  • Investment terms, industry and corporate vision – how well does the investment opportunity fit into your strategy?
  • Business models differ. Are you aware of how the company works and earns money?

We curate all investment rounds carefully, less than 5 % make it to the platform. We make sure that the terms are fair for every investment.

Orientieren Sie sich an diesen Punkten bei Ihrer Investitionsentscheidung

Which companies can I invest in?

With us you can invest in emerging fast-growing start-ups from the seed phase, up to established small and medium-sized enterprises. Depending on the round and stage, our investment opportunities are designed appropriately and fairly.

Take advantage of direct access to companies that are not (yet) listed on the stock exchange. We are your access point to some of the most exciting companies.

Some of our most successful companies:

This is how simple investing in companies works

  1. Check investment opportunities:
    On our investment pages you find all relevant information about the round, the company and the investment conditions.
  2. Submit an investment offer:
    Is the investment opportunity matching your expectations? If you are convinced, submit your offer.
  3. Check and confirm:
    All relevant investment documents are made available to you. Check them and confirm your investment.

So einfach geht es: Drei Schritte zu Ihrem Investment in Unternehmen

Start now with your first investment

Join now and discover current investment opportunities with some of our high-performing European companies.

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How would you like to generate your return?

Find details below on the different types of investment models and read more about fixed income and equity investments:

Investing in companies with a fixed interest rate

Build your own strong investment portfolio with predictable, fixed repayments.

More on fixed income investments

Make an equity investment in companies

Get in early, benefit from growth and have the opportunity for high returns.

More on equity investments

All details on our investment options

Equity investments: Different forms of equity investments in companies of all stages

Beteiligungsformen an Unternehmen

  • Shares:
    The evergreen equity investment in companies in all stages
  • Profit participation rights:
    Share in the profits of established small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Convertible bonds:
    Invest in a fixed interest bond that can later be converted into shares

Fixed income investments: Different types of fixed income investments to build up a strong and diversified portfolio

Strukturierter Portfolioaufbau mit festverzinslichen Investments

  • Bonds:
    Invest money in long-term bonds of successful companies with fixed interest rates.
  • Loans:
    Invest money in senior loans, e.g. with a guarantee as collateral.
  • Subordinated loans:
    Invest money in subordinated loans, with the option of a turnover-based variable interest rate.

Frequently asked questions and answers about investing in companies

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