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Investing in shares

Here you can find out everything you need to know about shares. What are shares (issues), how can you invest in shares and how do you profit as an investor.

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1. Registration

As a registered user, you can log in to your user account at as perusual. However, if you're not registered yet, you can easily do so right here and now.

2. Investment

On the respective project page you will find all relevant investment documents and can become a shareholder.

3. Subscription closing

After your investment, you will receive your certificate of subscription and the invoice for your share purchases, as well as further information via email. You become a shareholder of the issuer after acceptance of the certificate of subscription and registration of the capital increase in the commercial register. 

Shares – What you need to know

1. Share issue

In the event of a share issue, a company issues shares via our platform. As an investor, you have the opportunity to subscribe to these shares and become a shareholder in the company.

2. Selection of companies

We only select attractive companies for our investors that have a solid economical basis as well as evidence of their innovation strength and growth potential.

3. How you profit

Profitable companies either pay dividends or you benefit from an increased company valuation. Some companies are planning to list on the stock exchange or are considering other future exit strategies.


Shares are interests in a company organized as a stock corporation. With a share, the private investor thus owns a part of the stock corporation. The shareholder is therefore an equity investor in the company.

Shares can be subscribed at After registering, you can view all investment documents and become a shareholder on the respective campaign page. After the investment, you will receive a certificate of subscription, the invoice for your share purchases and further information via email from You will be a shareholder of the issuer after acceptance of the certificate of subscription and registration of the capital increase in the commercial register. Your shares will be held as registered shares in the Invesdor share register (Owners Portal).

In the case of shares, there is no current, fixed interest rate but a profit-related, annual dividend. However, whether a dividend is distributed to shareholders or the profit is reinvested in the company to increase the enterprise value depends on the issuer's distribution policy.

The taxation of capital gains depends on the domicile of both the issuer and the investor. This is general tax information that cannot replace individual advice from a tax advisor.

With an investment in shares, you participate directly in the equity of a company. In contrast to investors who invest in mezzanine capital (subordinated loans), equity investors have the opportunity to participate in the increase in the company value and thus achieve higher returns. This also entails a higher risk of losing the capital invested in the event of the company's insolvency and not receiving a dividend payment respectively.

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