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About us

Founded in Helsinki in 2012, we have established ourselves as one of the largest investment and financing platforms in Europe. To date, more than 124,000 users have invested over 320 million euros in European companies in more than 515 financing rounds

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Our Vision - Why we are doing what we are doing

Shape your own Tomorrow

The world needs a change. A change towards a more sustainable, responsible, and fairer economy. But it is not going to change itself. Somebody has to do it. All meaningful progress in the world is driven by adventurous business minded people, who have the courage to challenge the way things are. What if we gave that power to all people? The power to decide, what kind of future they would like to head to. The power to choose, which companies can make that change. Shape and create tomorrow by investing in companies you believe in with Invesdor.

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Media contact

Maximilian von Aufschnaiter
Maximilian von Aufschnaiter
Marketing Manager
+49 (0)30 364 285 707


Topics that matter to us

Europe's Capital Market Union 
For more than 10 years the European institutions have been working on the Capital Market Union (CMU) to achieve better access to investments and financing for private persons and companies all over Europe. The European Comission sees crowdfunding as one of the measures to achieve this Capital Market Union - and so do we. We are actively contributing to a vital, functioning and efficient single capital market for Europe.  

Better access to investments and funding
Almost all companies that drive innovation and shape the future have an insufficient access to the traditional capital market while investors are lacking the opportunity to invest in high-performing and innovative companies. Since 2012, we have been working passionately to bring about change. With over 515 financing rounds and over 320,000,000 million euros of raised investments, we are one of the largest investment platforms in Europe.

Capital Market 2.0

From the experience of over 515 financing rounds across Europe, we now see the opportunity for a fundamental update of the capital market. For the first time, the necessary building blocks are coming together. New technology and improved legislation are forming the fertile ground. We appreciate the 2021 harmonization of crowdfunding regulation across Europe. Combined with new opportunities from blockchain based securities, the circumstances for a fundamental update of the capital market are set. We are one of the most active contributors and drivers of updating the market. That's why we have started already in 2019 to structure securities on the blockchain and applied for the European Crowdfunding license as one of the first companies in Europe.

Sustainability and responsibility

Invesdor stands for a new era in the capital market. We act in line with the sustainability goals of the European Union and the United Nations. We want to help Europe deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals and the European Green Deal.

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