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Figures and statistics

Since our launch in 2012, our crowd has invested more than €{{ processedData.custom.volumePaidout| limitTo: 3 }}.000.000 in business models they believe in. Various European companies have used the fundings to play a decisive role in Europe's social and economic transformation. Together, investors and companies are shaping Europe's future.

We have compiled the most important figures and statistics for you below.     

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Funding rounds: equity, debt and EU subsidies

European growth companies and SMEs have received equity, debt and government subsidies through us. Private and institutional investors have participated in over 500 funding rounds and received fixed interest, dividends and attractive exit proceeds. The distribution of the funding volume as well as the successful funding rounds can be seen in the following overview.

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Statistics on equity financing

In the past years, our crowd has participated in various share issues of fast-growing European companies. More than one third of the total financing volume was raised as equity.

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Statistics on debt financing

With more than 50% of all fundings, debt financing represents the largest segment of the Invesdor Group. More than €150,000,000 were invested in the form of classic loans, subordinated loans and bonds. More than 100 funding rounds have already been fully repaid. For more information on the interest paid out, annualized default rates as well as the average return, please refer to the following section. 

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