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Do you want to raise funding for your company? 

The process starts with a consultation by phone and if your company suits the Invesdor profile, we can start the process of opening a financing round.

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Key to success
Over 184,000 potential investors

Experienced partner
Over 900 funded projects

Financing power
More than 531 million euros brokered volume

Marketing effect

Turn investors into your customers and brand ambassadors

Apply for a funding round from Invesdor

Crowdfunding provides an opportunity to raise funds, boost marketing success, and enhance the value of your business.

We are happy to guide you in arranging financing and offer direct access to Invesdor's network of 184,000 potential investors.

Are you looking for funding for a renewable energy project? Read more about funding renewable energy projects.

Success stories of our clients

We help you achieve your goals and grow beyond them.

Green sector


The goal of Oceanvolt was not only to collect money through crowdfunding but also to gain attention for their sustainable product and make green boating more popular.

  • One successful financing
  • Over 600 investors acquired
  • 2 million Euros have been invested
  • Brought the strong trend of electrification from the car industry into the boat sector


Healthcare sector


Biogena is breaking new ground in financing and was the first company that chose this form of financing under the new crowdfunding law in Austria. The partnership with Invesdor culminated in the company's own stock exchange listing.

  • 14 successful financings
  • Over 11 million euros invested
  • Listing on the Vienna Stock Exchange in 2020


Retail sector


Growth and digitalisation go hand in hand for easyApotheke. With Invesdor the company has found a digital way to finance further growth much quicker than the average corporate bank.

  • One successful financing
  • Over 300 investors acquired
  • 750,000 euros financed in less than 24 hours
  • One of the largest and best-known pharmacy cooperatives with 135 branches


Entertainment sector 


Singa is building the first truly digital streaming service for karaoke to offer singers a modern singing experience - revolutionising the 15 billion dollar global karaoke market. Singa's main reason for completing the funding round with Invesdor was the visibility the round would bring.

  • More than 800 investors
  • Over 3.5 million euros raised 
  • The round was supported by venture capitalists
  • Successful expansion into 10 countries


You want to write the next success story?

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Funding round with Invesdor

1. Consulting call

Crowdfunding can be the answer to your challenges and is just a phone call away or send in your application from the chatbot. Speak directly to our experts and get advice on your funding proposal: +358 40 183 0773

2. Feedback on your application

We look forward to receiving your documents to learn more about your company. We then get back to you with an indication of the volume and possible financing costs.

3. Start your funding campaign

We plan your campaign together with you. With crowdfunding you can achieve further marketing or sales goals

4. Realising your project

The campaign is on. Within one to four weeks you raise money and grow your own crowd. The money is in your account after completion and in joining Invesdor, you have gained many new ambassadors for your company.

Talk to our experts directly!

Günther Lindenlaub is your contact person for corporate finance
Mari Lymysalo
+358 40 183 0773


Marco Eggers ist Ihr Ansprechpartner in Makler-Angelegenheiten und für Unternehmen
Kaius Löfgren
+358 40 183 0773


Vivien Wornat ist Ihre Ansprechpartnerin für Unternehmen
Vivien Wornat
+49 40 180 245 020


Reinhard Hönig ist Ihr Ansprechpartner in für Unternehmen
Peter Vriesman
+31 20 568 20 70


Roderick Ruinard
+31 20 568 20 70


Marco Eggers ist Ihr Ansprechpartner in für Unternehmen
Marco Eggers
+49 30 364 285 770


Corporate financing
for every stage of your growth.

Support growth and participate in the exit

Unternehmensfinanzierung für die L’Osteria Berlin & Brandenburg

"Beets & Roots is at the beginning of its growth story. Being close to our customers is particularly important to us. In order to strengthen our equity ratio and thereby bind our customers more closely, we have chosen a participation right with exclusive investor bonuses. Thus, investors participate directly in profit distributions and in a potential exit."

Maximilian Kochen
Managing Director at Beets & Roots GmbH

Turning investors into regular customers

Unternehmensfinanzierung für die L’Osteria Berlin & Brandenburg

"I have already twice collected debt financing for my company together with Invesdor.  After a corporate loan, I decided to raise another funding round using subordinated capital with Invesdor. The decisive factor for me in choosing the platform was that I could get the loan quickly and without bureaucracy. I think it's a great benefit that the investors now also come to eat at L'Osteria!"

Silvio Beiler, Geschäftsführer der Beiler & Söhne GmbH ​
Silvio Beiler
Managing Director at Beiler & Söhne GmbH ​

Internationalisation through issued shares

Unternehmensfinanzierung für die L’Osteria Berlin & Brandenburg

"NEOH's goal is to revolutionise the global confectionery market with our sugar free chocolate snacks. With our share issue on Invesdor, we have taken the first step into the Nordics and were also able to convince Finnish investors. With real shares the crowd participates directly in our success and becomes part of our story."

Manuel Zeller
CEO NEOH by Alpha Republic GmbH

Further information at a glance

We offer financing in the range of 250,000 euros up to 8 million euros.

The shortest financing period is 12 months. The longest period for your financing is 72 months.

The repayment modalities depend on the product and are agreed between you and your consulting expert.

Do you have any further questions?

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In our FAQ section you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our financing rounds, processes and crowdfunding in general.

See our FAQ

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Kaius Löfgren, Head of Sales & Deal Flow

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