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Complaint procedure

Invesdor has a complaint management system that gives you the opportunity to submit complaints easily and in a targeted manner in accordance with legal requirements. The complaint management process includes effective and transparent procedures for the prompt, fair and uniform handling of customer complaints. Please use the complaint form provided below to submit your complaint. You can send the complaint electronically to the contact listed below, or alternatively a postal submission of the complaint is also possible.

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Complaint process

If you have a complaint about Invesdor's products or services, please send this complaint form to

We will confirm that we have received your complaint within 2 working days. Within 10 days we will inform you whether the complaint is accepted and explain the reasons if your complaint is not accepted. 

You will receive a reply to your complaint within 20 working days. If there is a delay in replying, we will inform you of the progress of your complaint within the 20 working days. In any case, Oneplanetcorwd International B.V. will make every effort not to exceed a period of 30 working days.

With the confirmation of receiving your complaint, we will inform you which department or which employee you can contact if you have any questions and name the upcoming deadlines.

If relevant information for processing your complaint is missing, we will ask for it. This may delay the processing of the complaint. 

Communication in connection with your complaint will be made in writing by electronic means. At your specific request, communication may also take place in paper form. 

Oneplanetcorwd International B.V. keeps an internal complaints register in which measures resulting from complaints, communication and final decisions are stored. The storage of data in the internal complaints register of Oneplanetcorwd International B.V. takes place for 5 years. Data protection considerations are respected at all time. 

In dealing with your complaint, we always make every effort to find a structural solution to the problem, especially if it is a complaint that occurs more frequently within a short period of time. We would like to point out that in dealing with complaints we will at all times maintain the principles of equal treatment of investors and cannot give legal advice.

It should be noted that complaints relating to circumstances that occurred more than one year ago at the time the complaint was raised will not be processed. 

Employees or partners of Invesdor affected by complaints will always be discussed with the responsible person, unless this has been expressly objected to.

Complaint form

Download complaint form

Send via email to:

Send postally to: 
Oneplanetcrowd International B.V.
Mauritskade 63
1092 AD Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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