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Public funding for small & mid-sized enterprises 

We offer public funding for European SMEs. Read the criteria and send in your application.

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Partner with Invesdor to fund your SME

Invesdor offers small and medium sized companies an opportunity to get public funding on our platform. With a public funding round your company gets visibility and a chance to gain customers out of your investors.

Invesdor has over 10 years of experience in hosting digital funding rounds. Our network consists of over 180,000 investors in more than 30 countries.

Benefits fundraising with Invesdor

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Source of financing

Funding rounds with Invesdor is an engaging addition to traditional loans from banks. 

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Digital handling

At Invesdor all rounds and documentation is handled digitally. We also offer crypto paper custody.

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We offer public funding round and our experts guide you through each step of the way to maximize your round.

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We screen investors

We follow AML and KYC procedures to ensure that your cap table is clean and safe.

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Project management

We lead you through the entire fundraising process. A project manager is assigned to you when the deal is signed.

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Onsite experts in Europe

We have onsite experts covering DACH, Nordics and BeNeLux. Fundraising with Invesdor is great for access to European capital.

The Invesdor bond

We offer different financial instruments as options to finance your company. For SMEs we recommend bonds and offer different structures for it, e.g. convertible bonds.


We have the ability and financial expertise to build a tailor-made structure and repayment schedule which works for both company as for the crowd. Please let us know what suits your company best


The repayment of the loan can be bullet or amortizing. You are also able to repay the loan faster than the agreement, without extra fees.

If the owner(s) of the company pursue an exit strategy, an exit can be included as a repayment option for the bond with a predefined share of the exit proceeds. As this option retains its value, the current interest rate can also be lower.

Additional incentives for investors

In order to give investors an additional incentive to invest without placing an undue burden on your company during growth phases, there is the option of agreeing a bonus interest rate that is only payable if a previously agreed turnover threshold is reached.

Funding round criteria for SME's

  • Must have the ability to service the debt.
  • On the market for at few years.
  • Turnover preferably 1 million euros.
  • The minimum funding volume is at least 500.000 euros.
  • The business plan is realistic and easy for investors to comprehend.
  • Based in the European Economic Area (EEA).

Start your funding request

Die Vorteile der Finanzierung durch Invesdor

Fundraising with Invesdor

I. Consulting

II. Signing

III. Start

IV. Closure

Send in your application or speak directly to our experts. After receiving your application we get back to you with feedback and discuss your status in more detail.

We sign a mandate agreement and start preparing your campaign. We perform Due Diligence and the legally required documents are prepared. One of our experienced project managers is assigned to you and and we work towards making your funding campaign a success!

The campaign is open to the public for investments and will last a maximum of three weeks. In this stage maximising the funding round's visibility within your own network and audience is key. Your funding round can be listed on up to five country-specific domains to gain visibility throughout Europe.

We take care of the investor authentication and provide a simple and safe payment process. After completion we transfer the money to your account. Depending on the financing instrument, Invesdor can also provide a tool for shareholder management and bundle administrative tasks over the tenure of the bond.

FAQ on funding rounds for small and mid-sized companies

The main difference between a bond and a loan is the marketability. Every year, investors have the opportunity to sell their bonds, providing more flexibility compared to a traditional loan.

Financing periods usually range between 2 and 8 years with some exceptions.
See examples on companies who offered a fixed-income investment opportunity on Invesdor's platform.

We have the ability and financial expertise to build a tailor-made structure and repayment schedule that works for both your company and the crowd. The repayment schedule will be detailed in the terms of the financing agreement, typically aligning with the specified financing period. Send in your digital funding application

A convertible bond is different from a normal bond. It usually has no collateral, is subordinated, carries more risk, and offers a higher interest rate. The key benefit is the option to convert the bond into shares at a discount, allowing investors to potentially profit from the company's growth. It’s considered a mezzanine product, offering a blend of debt and equity characteristics.

We always charge a project management fee, a success fee, and a management fee. The management fee is always 0.5% of the principal amount each year. The upfront fee is a fixed amount due after signing the term sheet. The success fee is a percentage of the collected money and varies by case. There may also be other case-specific smaller fees.

Invesdor offers tailor-made funding structures and can raise more money with fair interest rates due to our extensive network. We have the largest crowd of investors in Europe, providing unique opportunities for visibility and customer acquisition.

From introduction to clearing, the entire process typically takes around 2.5 months.

Crowdfunding is not more time-consuming than obtaining a loan from a bank. Our streamlined processes and experienced team help ensure a smooth experience.

Invesdor has a European network of 180,000 investors. Each case is promoted to this crowd multiple times, providing free marketing. Additionally, investors who participate often become lifelong ambassadors for your company.

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In our FAQ section you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our financing rounds, processes and crowdfunding in general.

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